Blog posted on: August 27, 2010

12 comments on “Me and my netbook sitting in a tree….

    1. Neville Post author

      I would suggest the HP Mini (at least that’s what was best a year ago when I bought mine).

      It was super cheap (I got mine for less than $300) and has an almost-full-sized keyboard. Most of the Acer netbooks I played with had SHIT keyboard I could barely type on!

  1. Anonymous

    You spend a lot of time working but what do you do for fun? Do you have a girlfriend? Since you are a Zoroastrian and the population is so small, do you plan on marrying outside your religion? I enjoy your blog and think you are brilliant!

    1. Neville Post author

      Me? Spend a lot of time working? Did you see this:


      As for your other questions:

      1.) No girlfriend at this very moment (wow, you’re getting a little personal here for a post about a netbook)!

      2.) Would I PREFER to marry a Zoroastrian girl? Yes. Is it an absolute requirement? No.
      It seems unfair to disqualify 99.9% of the non-Zoroastrian female population based on something they could not control at birth.

      3.) Thank you very much :-)

  2. Mark

    Do you have any more experiments planned?
    I notice you’ve been on a few trips around the US and the world, but haven’t really posted anything significant regarding these, except the Dubai trip. I think these would make for interesting reading.

    1. Neville Post author


      A lot of those trips were for personal time. Going to weddings, visiting friends etc….they didn’t have business purpose (which I prefer when a trip has BOTH business and pleasure).

      As I’m posting more often now, my personal life will likely get more mention on this blog.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I always take them into consideration (and very often write them out).

      As for the money experiments…remember how I wrote about punishing myself with a $300 donation to the homeless shelter if I don’t blog every day? Well maybe I’ll REWARD myself with a money experiment.

      I’m thinking another scratch lottery experiment with $300 in lottery tix? What do you think?

  3. Mark

    $300 scratch lottery doesn’t really quality as an “experiment” but it’s fun to see the results, nonetheless.

    The one suggestion I have, but may bore your other readers, is for you to discuss tax issues you face as a small business owner. I’m assuming that you have multiple sources of income besides the HOR website. You may not get alot of hits, but I find this stuff interesting.

  4. Rob

    You could use it as a microloan / venture capitalist type thing. Put an advert out somewhere that you’re willing to mentor someone for x hours and give them a loan to get started in return for a certain equity, and see what happens!


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