Me go China

March 23rd through April 1st 2007 I’ll be taking a trip to Shanghai, China!

There’s no real purpose to this trip other than to have some fun and check the place out. In my lifetime, China will be a major player on the world stage, so checking out the economic situation first hand would be beneficial.

After some special fares and discounts, the total round-trip ticket cost me $750…not bad!

It would be nice to meet up with some locals from Shanghai while there…preferably somewhat English speaking….so if anyone has any leads let me know.

I don’t know a single word of Chinese or Mandarin, so that might be a small problem. Please send me any blog posts written by other people who’ve gone to China and written about it.

China will probably be a pretty big cultural shock. I figure I might start looking like this:

Blog posted on: February 1, 2007

42 comments on “Me go China

  1. John

    Dude, are you serious? The title “me go China” and the stereotypical picture of you in a hat with a sword a goatee?!? You seem like a cool guy with interesting ideas, but this is just plain ignorant, stupid and wrong. Change the title and picture or you’re losing a reader. And don’t say I’m overreacting either….

  2. Anonymous

    He’s just joking around but it’s still pretty bad judgment on your part… You should know how sensitive people are (ie: John) to these issues. Just because Harold and Kumar were friends dude doesn’t give you the right.

  3. Anonymous

    Just came back from China (first time) Shanghai was surprisely like NYC except a whole lot larger. Its very safe and easy to get around as most signs are in English and taxis are super cheap!

  4. George

    Hey Nev,

    Here is a site relating general business in China: I spoke with a friend who went to China last year. He said if you can hire an english speaking guide (usually they are cheap) that know the city and can take you on the out skirts of tourist areas. You will be able to get nice deals on suits. My friend got 6 tailored suits for $600 bucks, in America it be more like $6,000.
    I know you are going there for fun, but if you can make some contacts for manufacturers maybe you can import products in later. Read the Phil Knight story and how began his company from making connections in Japan: .

    P.S. Did you read the email I sent you on FaceBook?


  5. jim

    this post is pretty offensive and all of you people who don’t think it was clearly are out of touch with reality is gonna love their ads splattered over this post

  6. moneymonk

    Ni hao means hello in Chinese.

    Brazil, Russia , India and China seems to be emerging markets.

    Bad picture, very bad you have of yourself.

  7. Anonymous

    CULTURE SHOCK ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I can see why a lot of people are offended! Nev, you would not like it if other people sterotyped Indian people. I am sure you would not like to see a blog that had a picture with of a skinny Indian man that looked like Gandi blowing a flute towards a snake coming out a basket, while he is serving someone at a quickie mart.

    However, I do understand your intention was not to offend people. Your blog is about money not racism. Irogance usually comes out when someone does know something about ones culture, hence thats why you are going to China. You should retract the picture ASP and apologize to those who are offended. Nip it in the butt.

    Remember, since your publication is nationally, YOU need to be more politically correct about things, so you can be taken more seriously and been seen as professional and not some ignorant kid!

    I think you might have lost some credibility about yourself and your blog.

    How do you plan handle this crises?

    Best to luck with you regarding China and your blog.

  8. Anonymous

    Just pull the post….. Clearly ignorance is involved here. I don’t think it’s bigotry. I think the guy should get a pass here depending on his response.

  9. Sane Person

    Am I the only one that DOESN’T find this offensive? It’s just humor people.

    Nev + Photoshop Job = Funny.

    Where did this whole racism thing come from??

  10. Anonymous

    Nev, this post really goes to show how young and naive you are. I just got back from a business trip to Shanghai and it’s a major metropolitan city that’s kinda like New York. Many of the people there speak English just fine; they have to in order for it to function as a major center of trade and finance. Far from the Hollywood, cliche stereotypes that you think you’ll encounter, I think you’ll find it a vibrant and interesting place. So please dispense with your attempt at being funny (if that’s the case) because it just shows that you don’t know very much about the world.

  11. Neville

    The picture is a bad Photoshop job of me in an Asian hat.

    Get over it.

    I’m glad none of you have seen my past Halloween pictures.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s not most of the commentators here that need “to get over it”. You need to appologize for your innapropriate post or better yet take it down “PRONTO”.

  13. Anonymous

    Ignorant title and post.
    If you think we “need to get over it”, then in that case, you should just take your hairy, red dot, curry lovin’, stupid ass back to india and try to get an arranged marriage there, cause you sure as hell won’t find a girl here in the states with your stupid personality.

  14. Anonymous

    You are an ignorant aholes after that response. Get over it? “Me go China”? What the hell is that? That’s making fun of the way chinese people talk? This is lame. My wife gets called a “Chink” sometimes from ignorant aholes that think like you. I’m reporting this to your advertisers.

  15. Zack

    Have none of you people ever heard Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia or George Carlin? Or basically any comedian??

    People joke about race all the time and it’s no big deal. We’re luck that in this country a black guy, white guy, asian guy and mexican guy can go to a comedy club and all laugh at the same jokes in a civilized way.

  16. Anonymous

    Yea, but this guy isn’t a comedian… He’s running a financial blog and trying to make a business out of it. He also has advertisers that expect him to not be offensive to the people who the advertisements are meant for. Use your head. You can joke about this but not in this context….

  17. Anonymous

    2 people find this post funny and 15 or so find it offensive. Do the math. Bankrate and notified.

  18. Anonymous

    For those who haven’t noticed, the posts of those claiming to be offened all are written in the same style. I think it is the same guy posting over and over again.

    I thought the post was funny ….And for those who haven’t noticed, Nev is Asian. It’s okay for Asians to make fun of Asians. I hear black people joking about themsleves all the time on HBO and Comedy Central.

  19. ExecutiveOpinion

    I visited China the summer of 1991. It was a great experience. Here are a few sayings:
    # ni hao – hello, how are you?
    # ni men hao – Hello you all.
    # Wan shang hao? – What’s up? (lit: where are you going?)
    # hen gao xing ren shi nin – I am very happy to meet you.
    # Shen-ti hao ma How are you?
    # Zao an – Good morning
    # Wu an – Good afternoon
    # Wan shang hao! – Good evening!

    # Greeting Responses
    # Hen hao, nin ne? – Very well, and you?
    # Bu zen meyang. – Not up to much.

    # Zai jian See you again / Goodbye
    # Wan an – Good night
    # Wo xi wang ni you hen hao de vi tian – I hope you have a good day
    # Zuo ge hao meng! – Sweet dreams! (lit: have good dreams)
    # Wo lei si le – I’m dead tired

    # Questions
    # ni hui jiang yingyu ma? Do you speak english?
    # ni ming bai ma? Do you understand?
    # ni shi na li ren? OR ni na li de? Where are you from?
    # Ni keyi bang wo ma? could you help me?
    # ni zai na li? where are you?
    # Nai he? – Why? (lit: what reason?)
    # Shen-me Yang? What?
    # Mei Shi? alright? (ok?)
    # qing bie zai ze yang zuo le must I repeat this?
    # Ni juede wo hen ben ma? – Do you think I’m an idiot?

    # Dui buqi – I’m sorry
    # Wo bu dong (ni de yi si) – I don’t understand (what you mean)
    # wo shi meigo ren I am American
    # Wo zheng zai xue hua yu I am still learning Chinese.
    # Wo zhi hui jiang ying wen. Wo hui jiang yi dian dian zhong wen. – I can only speak English and a few chinese phrases.
    # wo bu ming bai ni shuo shen me – I dont understand what you are saying
    # Hen bao qian da rao ni – I’m sorry to disturb you
    # Bie jin zhang, wo shi nao zhewan r de – Take it easy, I’m joking around…
    # Ta zai dou ni! – He’s kidding you!
    # Zhi shi shuo shuo wan r, kan ni de fan ying – I only said it to see your reaction
    # Ni de hao yi wo ling le, li wu jiu bu shou le. – I appreciate your goodwill, but I can’t accept your gift.
    # Lao jia – Excuse me

    # Nice Comments
    # Peng you Friend
    # Hen hao wan – That was fun
    # Ni bei sha shi le? Rang wo yong mo shu lai shi ni fu huo You’re dead? Let me fix that with some reincarnation magick.
    # Wo hen xi huan ni. Wo men ke yi jiao ge peng you ma? I like you. Can we forge a friendship together?
    # Xie xie – Thanks
    # Xie xie ni – Thank you
    # Fei chang gan xie OR Hen gan xie – Thank you very much
    # Bu ke qi – You’re welcome
    # Bu xie – Don’t mention it! (i.e. form of ‘you’re welcome’)
    # Mei wenti – No problem
    # Mei guanxi – Doesn’t matter
    # Ni zhen bang! – You’re excellent!
    # Bu gan dang – I don’t really deserve it / You flatter me
    # Zi ji na. – Help yourself.
    # Dui dui dui – Mm-hmm (confirms one is listening, lit: Right, right, right)
    # Qing fang xin – Please don’t worry


    Misc. Statements
    # Bu – no
    # En – yes
    # Ke neng – Probably
    # Ye xu – Possibly
    # Yi ding – Certainly/Definitely
    # Dang ran le! – Of course!
    # Bie – Don’t
    # bu yao – don’t want
    # bu hao – not good
    # Ni cuo le. – You’re wrong
    # Hao Pa le – That was scary
    # Que qie – Exactly
    # Nan Man
    # Nuu Woman
    # Ni – You
    # Wo – I
    # Wo men – We
    # Wo Jiao () My name is ()
    # Suan le… – Forget it.
    # Wo xu yao – I need
    # qian – money
    # pijiu – Beer
    # Ren – person, people
    # xiao – little
    # dao – mei a wo! I have bad luck!
    # Wo – shi mei guo ren – I am from the US
    # Wo – hen fan. – I’m very bored.
    # Tai ji le! – Too crowded!
    # Hui jia – Go home
    # Shuei jiao – Sleep
    # Bang wo zhao zhao – Help me find
    # Zhao ta – Find him
    # Gei ni – Give me
    # Deng wo yi xia, wo qui jiu ren – Wait a moment, I will help someone
    # Jing yan – XP
    # Bu dong – Don’t
    # Wu bu dong – I don’t know
    # Bu yong – NP
    # Bu yong xiexie – NP Thanks
    # Wo shi – I am
    # Zou – Go
    # Deng – Wait
    # Si wang (Shi de) – Die
    # Huai – Bad (bu hao)
    # Shen me – What
    # Ni ne – You
    # Nu – Girl
    # Nan – Boy
    # Hao de – OK
    # Shi ta – He is
    # Mi mi – Secret
    # Zhe shi wo de mi mi- I have a secret
    # Who shi – I am
    # Ni dai wo – To party (wo dai ni)
    # vFen – Minute
    # Yao – get
    # Wo yao ni – I get you
    # Lai – come
    # Ni yao – Can I
    # Shenm – What is
    # Shi de = yes
    # Shi ma – Yes its
    # Mestril – MT (mistell)
    # Duei le, ni jian shenm – What is your name?
    # Ye ke yi – OK
    # Ni yao jia you a – Can I help you?
    # Xian zai – Time
    # Di jian – Elven Fortress
    # SA (Qu Da) – PK
    # Hao – Good
    # Ye shi – Ying Yang
    # Bu wo – time
    # Mei guo – of USA
    # Zhong guo – of China
    # Xi huan – Like
    # Jiao – Food
    # Guo – too bad
    # Mei you – no

    Have fun.

  20. Anonymous

    There is obviously a double standard here. If the same jokes were made about African-Americans like “I is going to Africa” and Nev had an afro holding a piece of fried chicken with a jungle background, Nev would have been condemned for life. But for some odd reason, it’s apparently okay to make similiarly inappropriate Chinese jokes.

    Just because Nev from Asia, Chinese and Indian people are not the same…

    I am not telling you what to do, but please be more sensitive to other races and cultures and try to view these things from other people’s perspectives.

  21. Anonymous



  22. Anonymous

    There you go again, troll. You keep trying to control others. Is this what you do for fun… comment on other people’s blogs and try to tear them down?

    While the pic was itself amusing, the new joke is the poster who got so angry.

  23. Anonymous

    Nev, I do not understand how your post is offensive. None of the protestors explained how it is offensive. It is the picture of Nev that he modified. He did not modify the picture of any religious or political figures that other people respect. To get credibility, those who are offended, please explain what in that picture offended them.

  24. Mas S

    Hey you Chinese people out there, I respect you guys. The picture may not be completely accurate. However, Chinese people do tend to keep to themselves and are, honestly, kinda weird. With those habits and everything you know! Rice eating and like the swords and all that!

  25. Anonymous

    To all the sensitive bed wetters who read this blog,

    Nev’s post is meant to have a comical tone to it and it is and is not suppose to be taken as negatively aggressive. It should be taken as a humorous poke at himself, and is a metaphor of his (soon to be rectified) underdeveloped knowledge of Chinese history and culture.

    I am astounded and amused by how overly sensitive the readers of this blog are. If this really does offend you and make you angry then your life must be one fraught with misery through anger. I do not envy you.

    Too many start crying when someone says something that may not be 100% PC. If you save your energy instead for thought who intend on being malicious through their words then you’re words will actually have meaning and a positive impact in the world. Your words will rather alienate all of those in the middle who intend well but are not as obsessive about PC as you are towards being less PC. Honestly grow up and accept the fact that people are not perfect and neither are their words.



  26. Collenice

    Hey dude, welcome to China. You make a good pick of the cities. Don’tmiss out Beijing and ,etc.then.
    The picture posted is uhhh…no comments.
    I am from China but am now based in the UK. If you have any question regarding your trip, feel free to let me know.

  27. Jay

    Quit bothering with the comments. I doubt Nev is going to give in because Indians tend to be stubborn as hell. If you ever try to bargain with an Indian for one cent he’ll go on a hunger strike for a month before he even thinks about giving in.

    Just a harmless but accurate stereotype I’m reinforcing, right Nev? Not too different from a badly edited photoshop picture.

  28. andy from Oz

    I can’t believe all the irrelevant hype here about the title and pic being offensive!! Ever seen George Bush in a Vietnamese costume at an APEC meeting? … now that’s offensive!!! Nev … I agree … everyone ‘get over it’!!!


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