Michael Dell Speech at University of Texas Austin

This Tuesday Michael Dell gave a speech at the University of Texas which I attended.

I had met Michael Dell before, and from what I understand, he doesn’t particularly like public speaking. The “speech” was actually a moderated conference with a UT professor, then was opened up for Q&A.

The moderated part was not as engaging as I had hoped, because the large audience was simply watching two people talk to each other. I had more hope for the Question & Answer session, but it turned out to be rather disappointing, not from Michael Dell’s responses, but the quality of the questions being asked.

Some of the interesting points I picked up from the event were:

  • “Try not to be the smartest person in the room. If you are, find another room.”
  • He wakes up at 6am every morning and works out (A very common theme I’m seeing).
  • He did not use investors to grow Dell. I started clapping when he said this.
  • Said managed services may be Dell’s next big thing. For example: If Boeing doesn’t want to do all their own printing, IT support etc…Dell will take care of it all.
  • The way you order pretty much anything in China is: 1.) You place an order online or on the phone. 2.) You receive two numbers, an order confirmation number and a Bank of China transaction number. 3.) You take your money (Often literally a sack of money) to the Bank of China, and they transfer it to Dell.

I generally go after speeches and try to talk to the person and get a picture, but he literally DARTED out of the place when the event was finished. Oh well, I still have my previous Michael Dell Picture!

Blog posted on: April 27, 2006

23 comments on “Michael Dell Speech at University of Texas Austin

  1. Maddcapp

    Nev, why do you think it is a common them for CEO’s to get up early and work out every day? Do they give reason for this? Do some work out at night instead?

    Thanks again for the info.


  2. Anonymous

    Ha, Nev, you should become some sort of TV journalist who interviews people! So many meetings with cool people!

  3. Anonymous

    so if i wake up at 630AM and work out will that make me like Michael Dell? how about if i wake up an hour earlier, at 5Am? will that make me better than him?

  4. ACV

    When you work 10 or 12 hours a day you don’t really feel like going to the gym at 9PM at night… So instead, it’s much better to do it early in the morning, which needless to say pumps you through the day.

    It’s a great stress reliever and helps you maintain a balanced life (sounds corny, but I’m 24 years old and this is really how it works once you go corporate!)

  5. Sheer Luck

    Where do you hear about all these great presentations/speaches? Or a better question; could you help point out resources so I could also attend such events? Thanks!

  6. BILL

    Did you ask him why the stock is touching 52 week lows. That would have been my question. I bought some dell stock and made some money on it before it tanked to the mid 20’s. Earnings are due in 2 weeks, if they dont deliver expect 22-24, if they do well and up guidance expect it back to $28+++

    by the way did you ask why they outsource to india….

  7. Anonymous

    Why they outsource to India….hmm let me think — It is CHEAPER Dammit! Do you really have to ask? stupid!

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve recently started and finished reading your blog.

    Are you blogging your lack of progress because you’ve discovered how great it is to have a fanclub? Or alternatively because you actually think that you are doing something useful?

    I definately agree with the minority of commenters – ie that you seem to have your head up your rectum, and are more starstruck than any sort of businessman.

    I suppose it keeps you off the streets and is relatively harmless so good on you for something I suppose.

  9. Mills

    You should have asked Mr. Michael Dell about the Dell DJ. I wonder if he’s thinking of competing with the Apple iPod?

  10. Jens Kuhfs

    Very smart from Dell to take over Alienware ! I love my Dell Inspiron 8600 – but Alienware is not bad :-) I guess I will switch.
    The Dell European Call Center in Bratislava (Slovakia) is very funny. Good to have Slovakia friends :-) Much easier to communicate.

  11. Anonymous

    To outsource to india is cheaper but think about it, i have heard people having more problems understanding them then getting the problem fixed….

  12. Anonymous

    What’s with treating your change jar as money made? You already had the money to start with, didn’t you? I mean it didn’t materialize out of thin air, it’s just little bits of what you already had put into a jar and counted.

  13. Anonymous

    Agree with the previous post. I have seeen some strange accounting by Nev. Money appearing out of thin air, no accounting of expenses, double counting…etc.
    No wonder he named his future “conglomerate” ENWON. It is starting to look like it will not only rhyme with ENRON but that ENWON may copy some accounting magic from ENRON.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes, Nev is in fact lying to us all, he has made this blog in order to convince us all that this is true. Despite the fact that if he were lying it would make no difference! He isn’t conning us out of money…

    So either he is stretching the truth (but once again, whats the point?)

    Or in fact he is telling the truth.

    If it ever turns out he was lying, then he’s just wasted he time by making us come on here for 10 mins every few days to read something..


  15. BuyJayAMac

    You always seem to meet the coolest people bro. I wish we had more events like this up in my area.

  16. me2press

    Nev I know you like free stuff. I found a link to free business and trade magazines.


    I started to wake up early everyday and do a little bit of a work out. It does makes me feel like I have more energy for the rest of the day.

  17. Paul

    DELL at 52 week lows…..wait for earnings are over to buy in 2 weeks. Might be headed to the upper teens…..


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