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Blogging about blogging, my most hated subject but sometimes of most interest to other people. Anyhow, I got a couple of emails asking about how much money (if any) this blog ( makes.

I’m not too interested in monetizing this blog but if I continually update something, I might as well make some cash on it. Here’s the breakdown:

Selling text links (June 2008): $800/month
There are usually between 8 and 12 text links placed throughout the site that advertisers pay $80/month for.

Google Adwords (June 2008): $116/month
They run on the header and left navigation. These just kind of sit there and make a few bucks a day.

Adify Ads (Through Forbes Network): $20
I’m part of a network run by Forbes, and they run those ads you see on the header and left navigation bar through the Adify network. I have a minimum pay-per-click clause set on my Adify settings, so if an Adify advert is lower than my Google Adwords, it shows whichever is the highest paying. So sometimes the advetisement is from Adify, sometimes from Google.

So to answer all of your questions, for June 2008 this blog made roughly $900.

Blog posted on: July 1, 2008

13 comments on “Money This Blog Makes

  1. Anonymous

    Correction: Adwords is where you pay to place ads on other websites, Adsense is where you are paid to place ads on your site.

  2. The IFRS Exorcist ©

    My personal view is that Adsense is “Non sense” I have a blog on IFRS conversion issues and I hate seeing those ads come up when I am Googled personally – some of them are my competition! The same happens in Amazon and other sites. It’s a form of Cyber Spam what do other people think? It does not appear worthwhile to me to have my competition advertise so cheaply on my site. I would rather go for sponsorship or nothing at all.

    “The IFRS Exorcist”

    By the way I love your intro to the comments section. I’m going to add something similar if I can figure out how to do it.

  3. Brandon Greenlee

    Those numbers are definitely not bad, although, it is interesting to grasp that you are likely in the top 5%-10% of the adsense blogosphere.

    The more important number for you would actually be income/hours invested. The money is nice, but make sure the hourly income makes sense as well.

  4. The Insane Writer

    That’s pretty good for what you make with your blog per a month. I need to do better, but I know it’s going to take some work and time.

  5. Jerry

    Nine hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at, IMHO! That will lead to a lot of Fritos and seltzer water, or whatever you happen to be ingesting at the time. Alternatively, one might invest that residual income into a mutual fund, or an annuity, or whatever else strikes your fancy for the future. Congrats on a successful blog and keep rockin’!

  6. AJ Dickerz


    Love the blog. I’ve been following it for almost a year. Congrats on all you’ve done!

    I’m currently working on my blog and was wondering how to go about selling the text links, and the Adify Ads w/Forbes.

  7. zowoco

    I think your income for June is a great effort and goes to show how we bloggers can win through with patience and determination!

    Sure, you can’t give up the day job yet on this income, but it provides a nice extra and must give you confidence for the future.

    I believe the way forward for you now is to set up a newsletter and add a subscribers box to the head of your blog: over the next year watch your subscriber numbers grow as you develop a loyal fan base.

    This is the next project for me too at my blog. The point is that people read their emails more regularly than they will return to a blog so you can keep your readers up to date with the posts you write and email them any product offers you feel they may find interesting.

    You will soon build up further income from sales commissions this way, whether the products are commission based as in
    or your own products you create yourself!

    Bravo for your bravery and remarkable honesty in revealing your income sources on your blog, Nev: a refreshing attitude in the sometimes too anonymous world of blogging! :)

  8. Kay

    Yes, would you please mention how many hours you spend on your blog? I’m currently creating my new blog,, where I too am blogging about my journey to becoming financially independent.

    Also,would you please post about how long it took you to build your subscriber base?

  9. clamshell

    Be careful of posting your adsense numbers, it violates the TOS to the CTR percentages and number of clicks.

  10. Andrew

    Hey Nev,

    I’ve been following your site for several months now, and I even created a post about visiting your site and the information I retained from what you blog about. Your site is such a great concept, I plan to include my financial trek in the blogging world with the launch of my new blog —

    Check it out, send some feedback/comments. I love to hear from new bloggers.


  11. MoneyEnergy

    Good to see that you’re back up and posting on the site… there was a bit of a lull a couple of months back. I’ve found your site very inspiring. Good work. Keep it up!


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