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I’ve started more aggressively tracking my monthly expenses starting this January. I utilized the help of a cork board and dry erase board to do this. Every time I incur an expense, I write it down on the dry erase board and post the receipt.

I also keep an Excel file full of my expenses and tax deductions, but the cork board is always there to stare me in the face for what I spend. For January I incurred roughly the following expenses:

I know people who pay higher monthly rents than my entire monthly expenses. These are bound to go up, especially in the investment category. Luckily, many of my investment dollars are tax deductible.


I was speaking to a mentor of mine about being more productive, and he passed down a simple phrase that was passed down to him:

For some reason, that phrase really stuck with me. He explained that, “Everyday should be a small victory.

This means writing out all of your tasks the night before, then executing them all before you sleep the next day. If you finish everything and then some, you have won.

I used to plan out my day by hour, but it NEVER worked. I realized that everyday is different, and unexpected things always pop up, so an hourly schedule is not the best. My days are more planned out now using Microsoft Outlook Calendar and plain old sticky notes.


I had set a goal of 1-31-2006 to launch another new small business of mine. I’ve postponed that launch date for 5 more days. It should be done by then!

Blog posted on: February 1, 2006

16 comments on “Monthly Expenses, Win Everyday, New Biz

  1. Anonymous


    I love this “Win Everyday” post. The act of writing down your tasks and then making sure they get done is more powerful than people realize. The self-made rich definitely do this. In particular, many successful stock investors adopt this habit as well.


  2. Aaron

    Nev, the winning everyday thing is great advice. I need to start that.

    Also, to Jonathan, I thnk Nev lives in an apartment in Austin:

    His post here:

  3. Success Rule Book

    I also use Outlook’s calendar to plan my day. I recommend the Taskline outlook plug-in. Your tell it how long each of your tasks is likely to take, and any deadlines etc, and it schedules them into your calendar, around your appointments.

  4. Anonymous

    How are your expenses so low?
    Rent, insurance (health/auto), other bills? You’re paying for all of this for under $781?
    It just seems way too low, or are your parents helping?

  5. Neville

    How To Be Poor,
    Being out of school doesn’t feel much different. I have the opportunity to get much more done everyday without school.

    Nope, parents live in Houston, I live in Austin.

    posting my receipts above my desk forces me to see how much I’ve spent. This keeps me spending even less.

    My bills are so low because I pay everything in full when I buy. I don’t do the month-to-month thing. So if I sign up for a gym subscription for example, I’ll always pay in full. Also, my rent and living expenses here are extremely low, my share is $300/month and I have two roommates who I split the relatively low bills with.

  6. Anonymous

    You’re living such a cool life.

    I don’t particularly like my job and I have extremely high monthly expenses….You’re my new idol!

  7. nK

    I uses Debit/Credit extensively. And I can easily download those transactions to my MS Office and it will do the analysis for me. It is the big sum of “Cash Withdrawl” that I feel really difficult to keep track of.

    I tried to do this. But I guess I don’t have the commitment to even track down C$2.00 hotdog and C$1.00 can of coke.

    Any advice on that?

  8. Dmitry Yeskin


    Maybe this post not about this subject, but…

    Neville, you’re the man!

    I found your blog, read some articles at example about your $1 water business :-) and some others, read your financials, and I like it. Dunno why, but I like it.

    I added your site to my favourites and will read it often!

    You have absolutely cleaver idea to put your financial ideas on the web. It’s a fantastic!

    Good luck, man!

  9. Anonymous

    Interesting post, although lacking some details. I my self started my own business 4 years ago, and there is much more that can be done to optimize and increase cash flow without dropping alot of $$! I'm not going to go into detail about my job, as I do too much for most of the population to even understand (let's put it this way, if you dont know who cogent is or what wimax is, you wouldn't understand most of my job). Needless to say, I'm a full blown techie (computers, hosting, design, wireless, security, networking, IT, seo & sem, etc, etc).

    First things first, go out and get SugarCRM or vTiger CRM, it is a customer relations manager, that really says enough, plus they tie into outlook, gives you reports, pipelines, ordering systems, etc. very worth while.

    My second tip for everyone is don't bother with AdSense, you want to invest in Google AdClicks (pay per click). It's the cheapest and most profitable marketing strategy if done correctly.


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