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If I have an idea, I write it down on my:

Here are three business ideas I formulated from reading, one of my favorite websites.

Office in a bucket:
Buy a couple of these portable offices/booths and store them at your place. They are around the size of a large trash can, and inflate into a semi-private room. Place some ads and you can rent them out. Unlike traditional inflatable buildings, these Office In a Bucket structures can be setup and taken down by the renter.

Super Fast Pizza:
This idea seems like a great money maker, especially if you get in early. Fast, hot pizza. The difference is the pizza is actually made during delivery in the van. This means the pizza comes out of the oven and is delivered to your door within the next minute. Delivery times are under 15 minutes and the pizza is less expensive. As an avid pizza connoisseur, this sounds profitable and delicious.

Oil Cleaning:
After an oil change, oil is generally discarded. Now there is a portable machine that can separate good oil from its impurities. With tons of oil being wasted everyday, this seems like a golden opportunity for anyone who can pull it off. Take the dirty oil from oil change stations, run it through the machine, re-sell. You could even get people to bring you their old oil for free if you dispose or reuse it in an environmentally safe manner.

That’s all for me.

Blog posted on: June 3, 2005

15 comments on “More Business Ideas

  1. Rebecca Carter

    Hey Neville! I see that you switched to “short” post feeds. What prompted the decision?

    I had started on on short feeds, but after reading a few blogs lately that were complaining about it, I decided to switch over to complete ones. Let me know your thoughts-

  2. Anonymous

    Another idea- teach a 1-hr fitness bootcamp. I’ve done some research and classes usually meet 3 days a week for 4 weeks and charge $150 per person. This may not be as creative as some of the ideas you come up with, but I think it could be profitable. You could eventually hire teachers for the class and turn it into a success business producing completely passive income.

    I just might start a blog to detail my progress with this idea.


  3. Anonymous

    In what situation would one need an “office in a bucket”? Wouldn’t using or even renting a boardroom be better and less distracting? Secondly, I don’t know if I would trust my pizza being made in a moving vehicle(for obvious reasons). Recieving cold pizza has become a rarity – so much so, that I don’t believe the vast majority of other “pizza connoisseurs” would be willing to leave their trusted franchise. Your thoughts?

  4. Neville

    I didn’t switch to Short post feeds…if I did, it was purely by accident. I personally don’t like them.

    Fitness bootcamp would be great. I have this theory that if you can read while working out, you’re probably not working out hard enough. Many people could benefit from someone constantly pushing them during a workout. Let me know how it goes!

    Office in a Bucket could be used at conventions, schools, outdoor carnivals etc. Let your imagination run wild with it.

    The pizza idea could almost completely rid a franchise of their typical brick-and-mortar spaces, saving them tons of money. Cold pizza is rare these days, but pizza straight from the oven to your house is even rarer.


  5. Rebecca Carter

    Hey Nev, I’ll let you know how your posts show up next week, but I use NewsGator, and today I received your last 10 posts as short feeds. Will keep you posted.

  6. Anonymous

    Rid a franchise of their typical brick-and-mortar spaces? Unlikely. Not only would they have to completely re-figure their entire infrastructure to meet the new demand of continuously supplying their trucks with supplies (Thus, turning their current stores into more of a local manufacturer). But moreover, they would rid society of something that we can all closely relate with – a place to hang out for a first date, a post-game baseball victory, or just a family get-together. Discount sentimental value if you will. Just don’t discount the profit-margin loss.

  7. Anonymous

    I am suspicious of any food being cooked in vehicles (ala Roach coach) and I think many others are as well.
    The portable office thing seems really stupid to me, plenty of available rooms at conventions, and why would anyone want to conduct a meeting in a tent at an outdoor carnival, is beyond me? My clients would be insulted meeting in a tent but meeting over lunch, coffee or on a golf course is just fine.
    Recycling of oil is simply done everywhere in our state. At the curb and in all oil-changing stations. Oil changer francises grow like mushrooms out here which leads me to believe than most Americans do not change their oil and leave the used all at the station which than recycles it.
    There is nothing wrong with your exploring new ideas, Nev, but maybe it is time you started thinking thru some of these things a bit more. Weed the goofballs out quick and focus on a few good ones.

  8. sdc2027

    When I was in Cedar Rapids, IA about 15 years ago, They had a “pizza truck” that we ordered from all the time. It was decent pizza.

  9. Anonymous

    The last poster, Anonymous, has a vibe that goes opposite to the Entrepreneur spirit. If you and your readers are motivated to seek out business ideas you will find that there are many that will crush the idea as fast as it comes off your lips. My point is, the poster may be correct in his opinions but my advice is keep seeing the possibilities in things that others do not and don’t be discouraged by those that point out everything wrong with an idea.

    I would also like to say in my opinion the roach coach, known as a lunch truck, is not comparable to a pizza making truck. The lunch truck would be more of a mobile diner. I would never think to have diner food sent to my house but I order pizza.

    The office in a bag could be re-tuned to private wireless tents or a private meeting area at a convention, not the reserved destination.

    The oil idea instead of collecting it how about building the device into a car as an advanced oil cleaner? Imagine 50,000 miles between oil changes. As the device sits it is too big for that idea right now but expanding on that how about an oil change facility that costs half the current price because it cleans your oil and adds only a small new amount. The station has less to dispose of and you are helping the enviorment.

  10. Anonymous

    Just found your site. Excellent at worst. Especially like the business ideas. Would like to throw some more your way too. Take some time to explain the angle you would play in each, but one, briefly..

    Cab card-debit card for students for cab rides, prevent DUIs.

    Also, perhaps you saw the B2.0 “50M giveaway” article. If not find and read. Love to hear your thoughts. Especially on the home patient monitoring system…perhaps where I could find a medical device technician;) I have the rest I believe.

  11. SforS

    Hi Neville,

    Awesome site. It’s so cool to see someone my own age making it on his own. Your accomplishments are very inspiring. About the used oil idea, my dad was very much into this in the early 90’s. I even helped build a few depot’s. I don’t think there is much money to be made in it now though, at least here in Canada.

    Again, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see you making it on your own. I’m 24 and am currently in my longest stretch of continous full time work (went to school for 2 years at age of 21) and I can feel the life being sucked out of me every day. Working hard for someone else so THEY can get rich is not the life I want.

    Keep it up man.


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