Blog posted on: March 15, 2011

11 comments on “My 360 Bullet-Time Matrix-style break dancing stall

  1. wos

    Wow, it looks really cool.
    You just gave me the idea to learn to do handstands.
    I am going to practice this afternoon, thanks to you.

    (non native writing deluxe).

      1. wos

        After a few days, i definitely have improved a lot. I used to fall every time. Now i can stay several seconds and walk.

        Thanks Neville.

        1. wos

          Oh, boy, I wish I could progress in e-commerce like I do with handstands.
          I know a friggin lot about traffic, the web, php, databases html and tech etc. and yet don’t get started.
          Always the same story about momentum. I really need to select a niche (and since I’m in france,
          I shouldn’t have as much competition as in the us).

    1. Neville

      Thank you….unfortunately this was a Chevy-sponsored photo booth thingy at SXSW Interactive.

      I have 3 cameras of my own…but not the THIRTY required for this photo!

  2. Anonymous

    You know so mych about diet and exercise! What do you think about the hgc or hcg diet??? Please respond.

    – ur biggest fan


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