My favorite thing…

One of my favorite things on this Earth is:

Sitting at the state capitol building.
…in the wee hours of the morning

I have easily spent hundreds of hours here.

It’s open 24 hours, heavily guarded, meticulously maintained, and extremely quiet at night.

There is something that is simply marvelous about sitting on one of the war memorials inscribed with the names of thousands of people who have died, sacrificed and fought for the unbelievably cushy and enjoyable life I get to lead.

I sit there and read.  Or plan. Or think.

It’s truly a humbling experience that reminds me we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

I sometimes wonder if others have such a remarkable place to call their own.

Blog posted on: July 29, 2010

12 comments on “My favorite thing…

  1. John

    Your lucky to have somewhere like that with the security.
    I can think of places that would be nice to go to do similar around where I live. But I don’t trust the security. Enough people get robbed and bashed as it is even in the more busy areas.

    1. Neville Post author


      Yes, this is a relatively unique arrangement I’ve got. Fortunately in Austin I can think of about 4 places which are fantastic AND safe to go at night….however the Capitol building is by far the safest.

      The North, West, East and South sides are 24/7 staffed by armed guards, plus there are a million cameras, plus security guards constantly patrolling the area.

      Even at 3am they usually smile and wave at me….sometimes they ask if I’m doing homework (as a friendly gesture…not for security reasons).

      So security at the capitol is unbelievably great.

  2. Path Finder

    No, we do not have any remarkable place to call our own. You are very lucky. Also, how come nobody has ever tried to rob you there? You are lucky to be in such a safe city.

    Many parts of the world have few open spaces, few safe spaces, few properly paved roads. It is so amazing to see how much space there is in the USA, and how safe some areas can be. Also, your roads are properly paved.

    1. Neville Post author

      Path Finder,

      We are quite spoiled with our paved roads and abundance of space in the US. Until you said, “your roads are properly paved” I didn’t take into account that was a luxury I enjoy…it’s just EXPECTED.

      That’s why I enjoy sitting near a war memorial to realize how much sacrifice and work has been put into this country to get us to this point.

      I saw your IP was from the Philippians.

      Just remember: Every problem is an opportunity.

      So even though many places aren’t as developed as the US, it just means they have more upside potential for growth and wealth creation.

      1. Path Finder

        Roads and streets in the Philippines are full of potholes. Some are big enough that your tires burst when you go over them at medium speed. Poverty has left us with sidewalks that are crowded, and dilapidated smoke belching buses. But, as you pointed out, those problems create opportunities. For example, we have so many clean air-conditioned malls.

        By the way, speaking of poverty, thanks for conducting the homeless experiment. That was very educational. I’m surprised you did not turn your experiment into a book like “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich.
        “…Ehrenreich highlights many of the difficulties people have working jobs that pay low wages.”

    1. Neville Post author

      I Go to the library ALL THE TIME also (nearly every day). The libraries here aren’t open 24/7, but some of the libraries at the university campus are.

      Plus if it’s nice outside, like it usually is in Austin, I’d prefer sitting outside.

  3. linda

    next week I’m going to embark on new personal project that involves starting each morning writing 3 pages unbridled. maybe one day I’ll do it at the capital. thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  4. Neville Post author

    3 pages…wowzers!

    I’ve actually stayed and read at the Capitol so long the sun has come up…and it’s beautiful in the morning.

    Hope your experiment works out, seeya Friday!

  5. Kimberly

    Hey, for your first post of August you should totally give your long time reader (me) a shout out cuz I’m finally tying the knot. Oh how all the financial wedding woes are abundant! Anyway, really looking forward to a month full of blogs to read while I’m off work celebrating!


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