My Goals

Short Term Goals:

  • Ideal Goal: By December 31st, 2005, I should have at least 3 different sources of steady income (not including a job). All sources of income should together average about $7,500 of dependable income per month.
  • Minimum Requirement: By December 31st, 2005 I should have found a way to independently pay all my bills/expenses for myself and have money leftover for investing, savings, rainy day and spending. My liquidable balance should be slightly over $45,000 with an investment portfolio of at least $25,000.

Medium Term Goals:

  • Have at least 4 different sources of income, balanced in different industries to survive good and bad markets.
  • Accumulate somewhere near $1,000,000 in liquidable assets by age 27. This includes cash savings and stock.
  • Get mentioned in at least 5 of these sources by age 27: CNBC, New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Register, The Financial Times, Yahoo News, Google News, Bloomberg, BBC, Wired, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics.

Long Term Goals

  • Form Enwon into a conglomerate with at least 5 different subsidiary companies under the corporation. Companies will be balanced in different industries to survive good and bad markets. These would most likely include the liquor industry, asset management, 2 inventions in the consumer products area and real estate.
  • Follow plan outlined in my aspirations

Blog posted on: November 17, 2004

14 comments on “My Goals

  1. Joshua Estrin


    I see you have no credit card debt. How do you plan to establish a credit history and credit rating without even a minimum of revolving debt?

    Just a thought/question


  2. Hazzard

    So, my two cents. These days it seems that the finance companies / banks will loan money to monkeys, corpses, birds, dogs, you name it. The only requirement seems to be having a pulse. No doubt that as he started to need capital for a business venture, he might not get the absolute top rate, but he could get some revolving credit that he pays off every month to help.

  3. Anonymous


    Great site. I read your water experiment (referenced in another site) and I am hooked to your blog now.

    Regarding Joshua’s comment, it is not necessary to carry a balance in credit card to establish a credit history. As long as you have a credit card and you pay back the balance in full every month, you can build an excellent credit history.

  4. Anonymous


    Read about you in they NYT. Did you grow up in India or the USA? just curious…b/c I find the economic revival taking place in India to be quite fascinating.

    Also, if you do have some connection to India is that a country where you might consider exploring your entreprenurial passions?

  5. chu

    Hi Im from the Phillipines, read your blog at NYT. Lucky for you coz your country has a lot to offer. Im 23 yet i dont have any idea about investing in stocks. Im afraid ill lost all my haRD-Earned savings in the volatile phil. stock market. Economy is not good here coupled with erring politicians who are only sensitive to their own political careers. (Enough with the crap!)
    Im inspired by your blog…Ill start my mega plan tommorow(its pm here). BTW, if u need someone to audit your future business or do your ITR in the future (since u will be very rich at that time u need someone to handle these things for you) just send email to newchewbacca@yahoo. Im a CPA and in public practice. Im serious. ;)

  6. kevinchen

    Great site!
    Im from ShenZhen,China.
    Im an IT project manager and system/software designer&developer(J2EE STRUTS EJB…)I have finished about 30 IT projects with a 20-people-team.
    And my girl friend is working for a merchant in China that making business with Target.
    Maybe we can cooperate in some fields.:)

  7. Ren

    Nice blog, I like it. I’ve always wanted to do the same thing for a long time but never got to it. I think I will now.

  8. Anonymous

    Prove them wrong!

    The first step in becoming successful is writing out your goals.

    Stay focus read your goals at least twice a day

  9. mirza owais baig

    ass salam o alikum, m mirza owais ,19 ,from pakistan. i read your blog. believe me it was wonderful. my ambition is also exactly the same. m doing CA. may Allah help u in achieving your goal. if u want to help me in achieving mine. i’ll be thankful to you. my email id

  10. Financial Tools

    Great site! I think this is something I need to put on my site. Making your goals public will also help you to stick to them!

  11. MoneyEnergy

    Good stuff Neville… it’s good to see you’re still updating the blog so many years later. I can tell you your own blog/story was an inspiration to me in getting my money thoughts back into high gear.

    Interesting, though, I don’t see you post much about what you invest in. That part’s not as interesting to you?

    anyways hope you stop by my site sometime!

  12. The Finance Boffin


    What’s the progress after almost 7 years? Would love to know if you’ve earned a million quid?


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