My Jeans Don’t Fit At All

The jeans I wear all the time don’t stay up, not even close…I need to cinch my belt all the way to keep them from falling.

I’m also at 151 lbs AND have gained muscle.  I haven’t weighed 151 lbs since early high school.

Adam, whatever you have me doing in these last 16 days for this experiment has been working big time.

Blog posted on: April 16, 2010

13 comments on “My Jeans Don’t Fit At All

  1. Bud

    Nev, I started following your ‘experiment’ with interest because I am doing something pretty similar. I am 5’7″ and started at 154lb, and after losing 10lbs in 4 weeks quite painlessly, I already feel much better. I don’t particularly care for six packs though and will continue this indefinitely just for the heck of feeling in control of what I eat.

    I started a week before your posted about this so no credit there, but you made me think about how simple this all is. My inspiration comes from listening to some preventive medicine doctors.

    I guess I could share my secret about controlling what I eat. I decided to really appreciate what I eat by taking the time to taste every mouthful to the fullest. This may not look like much, but it can really change how you look at food: quality vs. quantity.

    Now whenever I try to eat processed food I get uneasy because it feels quite artificial in my mouth. To different extents, I guess this latent ability to differentiate healthy vs unhealthy food is there in all of us.

    1. Neville Post author


      Congrats on the awesome weight loss!

      I took listened to a lot of viewpoints on this and came to my own conclusions. This experiment will definitely impact the way I eat in the future at least a little if not a lot.

      I view food as necessary…like I HAVE to eat or I die, so I don’t “savor” food like you do (although I should try), but rather I just control what I eat by taking sips of water between each bite, eating out of smaller plates and just in general not scarfing my food like I used to….oh yea, and eating GOOD stuff!

  2. Just Another Dummy

    I just read your affiliate marketing experiment post at I posted this comment for you to read over there.

    “Nev, I been reading your blog for years. You may even recall that I did my own water experiment, and turned it into a highly successful summer business. (I still to this day run “Human Hydration Services” each summer). This series has been a great read, and if you ever need to know anything else about affiliate marketing I’m always glad to help. I know enough to keep my electricity turned on if you know what I mean.”

    Wondering if you’d be interested in letting me interview you for my blog?

    1. Neville Post author

      Wow, glad you made the Bottled Water Experiment work on a larger scale level! You can interview me anytime, email is:
      nevmed @ gmail


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