My Number 1 Fan

I’ve been no stranger to people not liking me online (normal person + ability to anonymously comment = jackass), but generally in person I ain’t so bad (or so I think…)

I randomly remembered this hilarious exchange I had over Facebook with a newly met acquaintance in 2007 (not sure why I never posted it on my blog back then).

Her scathing words made me laugh so hard I printed it out and posted it on my wall at the time.  I also forward to some friends and it “went viral” within our friend circle!

Just so I don’t forget about my #1 fan in the future, I’m memorializing it here:

I won’t use her actual name in the text of this post (being nice so her name doesn’t come up in search results), so we’ll call her ManPoop (that’s what her name sounds like spelled backwards).

After a fun dinner meetup we were all at, some friends told me “ManPoop REALLY hates you…what did you do?”  I had no idea, and the only interaction we had was at the same table as 10 other people.  I quickly found her boring and hard to talk to, so we hardly even spoke one-on-one.  I dismissed any thought of ManPoop until I was later told she so thoroughly hated my guts.

Since this was a family friend of a friend…I decided a quick little message would clear the air (otherwise I wouldn’t have cared at all).  I wasn’t prepared for such a well thought out message.  This verbal diatribe reminds me of those online commentors that bad-mouth everything someone does…when all they have to do is stop reading.

I still laugh every time I see this :-)

Blog posted on: January 17, 2011

21 comments on “My Number 1 Fan

  1. Hylan

    I guess she doesn’t have the same sense of humor! I think it definitely adds to your character and makes your blog entries more entertaining. Regardless, you were definitely nicer and more tactful to her than I would have been. Some people just can’t take a joke!

    1. Dave

      Yeah, what CIOBoss said.

      Seriously, sounds like you might remind her of an ex-boyfriend or something. That Guy. Or even worse, That Man. Someone she is secretly attracted to, and hates herself for being attracted.

      But yeah, you’re definitely pushing some buttons if you’re getting that kind of emotional response. Kind of cool, really.

      1. Rob

        Totally agree with this. Definitely better to have a strong response either way than no response at all! Seems like she wants to tame you, nurture you and make you her pet.

  2. Kal

    Hey Neville,

    Great Site. Great ideas!

    It’s therapeutic to talk about uncomfortable situations to just get it off your chest!
    Nobody wants anybody to dislike them.

    You probably talk a lot, but that can be a good thing!

    I know I do and folks get annoyed thinking that you are too confident.

    Sometimes folks don’t like other folks having a good time.

  3. Andrius

    The key of this story is that facebook becomes more and more powerful. All the dialogues, our emotions, personal data are kept on their database. Aren’t we making another one enemy by ourselves?

  4. Martin Katz

    What a fabulous story – I very nearly wet myself. Either she’s deranged (probably) or much much cleverer than you (or me) and was majorly taking the piss – and still dines out on it !

  5. givejonadollar

    All fluff and no substance. You have to be cocky and confident with most women or they will move on to the next guy.

    Go ahead and walk up to a woman at a club and tell her “you like her” or that you “think she is cute”. She will tell you to get lost.

    Sure, she might be one of the few that isn’t like that, but at the same time, you can’t please everyone, and there is no use in trying.

    If she is so certain you are a decent guy, and you made inroads to contact her and apologize, why didn’t she give you another chance?

    Sounds like the real ass in this situation is “Manpoop”. :)

    How fitting.


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