Nasty Clamps are Nasty (and why they did it RIGHT)

A guy who runs a business called NastyClamps contacted me and wanted to send a product sample to me:

….you can see why at first I was like, “uuuuhhhhhh?”

However phallic that may look to our gross imaginations….in reality the NastyClamp is a useful tool for photographers:

It can attach just about any camera, to just about any THING….like my camera on this desk:

I saw the product (and have used it already with my camera), and I saw the website …..and just thought this whole concept was pulled off brilliantly!  (I’m not talking about their whole business model….just the way they’re marketing it).

SHAMELESS PLUG: Matt who owns NastyClamps took the SumoBusinessBlueprint course….so clearly he’s already smart ;-)

One of the things I like very much about the way they executed this whole business was they used the VERY unusual look of the clamp and turned it into a funny selling point.

I showed it to some of the people at the AppSumo office….and they all thought it was hilarious! ….and remember the name.  I don’t know the brandname of any other camera equipment….so I guess the “NastyClamps” name worked pretty damn well!

…..but FIRST, let’s not forget that it’s just plain useful (marketing gimmicks can only get you SO far).

ANOTHER SHAMELESS PLUG: Matt watched the bonus copywriting video at the end of the SumoBusinessBlueprint and sent me this:

Also, I wanted to let you know that I followed some of the basic principles you’d outlined with Andrew Warner (in that bonus Blueprint video) about copywriting, making the written word more conversational, obvious “click here to purchase” links, etc, etc… And that — sincere-writing the copy on my website’s cheesy home page — that my conversion rate has nearly doubled.

One suggestion I’d have for NastyClamps (and for your website if you have one):
… make small email collection box that links to a contest.  Maybe something like “We give away a set of NastyClamps every week….just enter your email address to enter the competition”

This would at least help build an email list for later use.  So if you ever do a sale, you can hit up all your fans (pretty much the exact formula I did here).

Another suggestion would be to have some sort of “training material” for people…..just to open up their minds to the possibilities (and Matt, you told me you took my Course About Building A Course)… either make a quick video or even have a one-page “course” with several videos or pictures showing what people can do with NastyClamps that they couldn’t do before.

Good job keeping your product interesting (and Nasty)!

Blog posted on: February 7, 2012

7 comments on “Nasty Clamps are Nasty (and why they did it RIGHT)

  1. Matthew "Nasty Clamps" Monroe

    Neville: Such an awesome post! I’m so glad you like the Nasty (so to speak), that it’s worked out so well for you, and that you the Nasty brand tickles your funny bone (also so to speak).

    A new Nasty product was just announced today (the “Nasty Flag”), and so there’s nothing but craziness here at the Nasty World Headquarters, but I have to let you know that I really appreciate your kind words about my vaguely obscene looking (and incredibly useful) tool.

    By the way – and I’ve told you this before – your “Business Blueprint Course” and your “Course About Building A Course” both rock! When things mellow out a bit, I hope to have my own lil’ course about “Product Photography For E-commerce Sites” up and running.

    Again, thanks so much.

    Matthew “Mister Nasty Clamps” Monroe

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    That’s a brilliant product, I guess it’s ten times easier to transport the Nasty Clamps in comparison with a normal tripod. And you probably can clamp them anywhere. Great!

  3. Green

    Nev, creating a box that collects emails sounds pretty simple, but I have no idea how to accomplish this. I know you mentioned Joomla in the past… Is that what you still use?

    This site now appears to be on wordpress. Maybe they have an email collection plugin?


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