Need to be Productive

On this recent post I detailed what progress I should be making after final exams finished. I am at home in Houston now and have somehow been distracted everyday.

This is no good. I’ve set out goals for myself and I have not met them. This needs to change. With whatever small amount of spare time I get during my two weeks in New York, I should try to:

  • Finalize updates on Timber Trace website.
  • Inquire about best options for opening 2nd brokerage account.
  • Get Resumite ready to do business (finalize all sample sites).
  • Add new content to online business everyday.
  • Finalize traffic alleviation proposal on I-35 in Austin.
  • Create new investment ideas.
  • Have fun.
  • Meet my goal of making $5,000 by 12-31-2004.

If you see me moseying around anywhere, make sure you ask me if I have first completed ALL of the above!

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