Nev in Cali – Aug. 19th till 26th 2008

California’s about to get more crowded, I’ll be visiting again Aug. 19th (Tuesday) till Aug. 26th (Tuesday) 2008.

I’ll primarily be staying with my good genius goofy friend Cyrus:

(Feel free to make fun of that superhero entrance)!

I’ll primarily be in Mountain View during the week, but will probably be lurking around San Francisco and San Jose a bit too.

The trip will be part fun, part business (I find trips to be most satisfying when you get a nice dose of both).

So if you’d be interested in meeting up, give me a shout!

Arrive - Aug. 19th, 2008 (Tuesday)
Depart - Aug. 26th, 2008 (Tuesday)

Blog posted on: August 1, 2008

4 comments on “Nev in Cali – Aug. 19th till 26th 2008

  1. periginatioanimae

    Hey Nev,

    How come you never come up here to Utah to visit us Mormons??

    (haha, but seriously, I’m graduating in December and am thinking I’ll be moving back to Texas to get an HR job somewhere. I’ll be in touch. Best of luck old friend)


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