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This blog is about my personal financial journey starting from the age of 22 in November 2004. Since then, this blog has been linked and written about in a variety of blogs, websites and major publications such as:

  • Business Week
  • The Wallstreet Journal
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Vedemosti (The Russian Wallstreet Journal)
  • The Financial Times
  • The New York Times.

The blog is about the financial learnings and happenings in the life of me, Neville Medhora. I graduated from University of Texas and have currently never had a real job thanks to starting several small businesses. Since high school I’ve started online web businesses which have grown to be my full time profession. This website is mainly about personal finances, small business experiments, money and lifestyle improvement.  Take a look around the site and see if your advertisement would benefit from being on

NevBlog ranks extremely well across a variety of search engines for a very large number of search terms, and is even currently #1 result in Google for the term Financial Blog. NevBlog gets between 2,000 and 4,000 unique visitors per day, and occasional spikes of traffic from large websites like Digg where traffic can go upwards of 30,000 unique visits in a day, and has hundreds of quality backlinks across many search engines.


125×125 BOXES:

Purpose: Meant for exposure to viewers of this blog.  Great for upcoming programs, CPA offers, credit card offers, courses, industry announcements.
Price: $80/month.
Location: Right-side navigation area, above the fold:


Purpose: These are for companies wanting additional search engine exposure for certain keywords.  These links are all fully recognizable to search engines on every page of NevBlog which is classified as a financial site.  Great for cash, financial, stock, insurance, loan or mortgage related companies.
Price: $80/month
Location: Bottom-right navigation area, below the fold:

PRICING: $80/month per link or advertising box.

To sign up for a link or 125×125 Box, please signup through this PayPal Recurring Payment link:

Restrictions: Once again, used good judgement here. I won’t display anything I find offensive or innapropriate for the site. I might also reject an offer if the site is extremely scammy or non-reputable.  I do this to protect other advertisers and myself.

If you want to pay in lump sum, please send PayPal payment to: service (at) houseofrave .com



Think you’ve got a unique way of advertising on NevBlog? Run it past me, I’m always down to hear innovative ways to advertise! Perhaps you want to take up several spots of advertising and link them together to be unique, I can work with you on these ideas. There have been some pretty unique and successful campaigns on NevBlog in the past:

Checkout the original post.

This involved putting a small grid on the right-hand navigation where advertisers paid $50 for a tiny little square. This involved no text links and just a miniscule little square, but it surprisingly raised a lot of money in a short period of time for such a new site at the time, and got a lot of attention.

Checkout the original post. who is owned by (The large company that does loans for and other big lenders) bought out all the advertising space on NevBlog for a 10 month period. I was also featured in their new “Blogs of Interest” section of their webpage. The deal bought them 4 ads total for all different parts of the site: Header, footer, left navigation and right navigation.

Email: nevmed (at) gmail .com
Phone: 713.301.1546

Blog posted on: August 9, 2007

22 comments on “NevBlog Advertising

  1. Kristy

    You would need to start posting on this blog more frequently for me to be paying for advertising here! There was a month between posts july-august and then when you posted they where purely adverts for your own interest…

  2. Woo

    I agree that you should post more.. that is actually kinda rude that blog is the same for few weeks.. especially that I like your blog and come often here, Nev. ;) Good luck!

  3. Anonymous

    Nev, if you want to monetize the blog, how about you come up with some blog topics….and since its called a “financial blog,” maybe a topic on finances. Oh, wait, a great topic would be how you invented an income-generating change jar.

    While you are at it, why don’t you link to your post talking about how you would never sell ads on your blog.

  4. Finance & Credit Cards

    Thought that would interest you, maybe get more readers to your blog talking about finance in more than one place

  5. Slim

    Alright Nev, you’ve got two takers on your ad “experiment”! Good stuff.

    So what do you think has been the biggest thing that has drawn visitors to your site over the years?

  6. @PuraVidaBoy

    hi Nev greetings from Costa Rica. Working remotely from the mountain-side in the jungle overlooking the great surf of the Pacific Ocean w/ my girl and my dog. Pura Vida! great stuff. found this via @tferriss –> @noahkagan and just purchased your behind the scenes via appsumo. looking forward to digging into it tomorrow.

    i have this user generated blog.. aimed at those crazy stories i know we all have.. although not financial; thought maybe this age group/ demo would like it or some reason

    anyhow cheers and thanks for putting this out there.


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