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Disco Balls – The best selections of Disco Balls on the internet, including full mirror ball sets that are ready to light a party.

Glowing Fingernails – this is a really cool item on House Of Rave that was recently added. It’s a set of 10 mini-glowsticks in fingernail form that you affix to your fingers with the included self-adhesive strips. A really cool product!

Glow Bracelets – A tube of 50 glowing bracelets.

Oggz – Oggz Color-Morphing Eggs. Oggz are soft, ever-changing accent lights that operate without wires and are rechargeable! Watch the Oggz slowly change color like magic, transforming colors through the whole rainbow. Oggz are ideal as a centerpiece for your dinner table, outdoor patio parties, holidays, and more… and of course, we clubbers can just imagine the cool possibilities of taking the soft squishy Oggz with us to a club and watching the crowd just go nuts for this unique light.

Burning Man Lights – Lights and equipment for Burning Man.

High Intensity Glow Sticks – Crack these glow sticks and they last extremely bright for about 30 minutes before fading to the intensity of a regular glowstick.

Party Strobe Light – If you’re throwing a little shindig and need a strobe light, this is the page to find it on.

Finger Lights – Lights that slip onto your fingers to illuminate whatever you want.

Disco Ball Set Up – If you need to know how to setup a disco ball, this is the place. We’ve got a quick tutorial, and also the disco balls, motors and lights you need to setup a disco party.

Blog posted on: November 18, 2004

33 comments on “NevBlog Links

  1. Dmitry Yeskin


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  7. Tom

    Hey Nev -

    I love the blog and I think I come here about everyday, good stuff!

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  12. Anonymous

    I love this blog. I myself am a bit of a hutler like you. I sell t-shirts to waiters and waitresses. I generally sell them in person but have recently move my operation on line and its going great.

    I love the bottled water idea, I think I will try it.


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