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Hahaha….perusing through some interesting reading material the other day I stumbled upon a post by Noah Kagan who formulated’s original marketing plan and recently released it to the public. made a big buzz when after only two years they sold for $170,000,000 dollars…..You can see a cool speech about it here: Aaron Patzer Speech.

Anywhozzit, I looked at the very first page of their marketing plan and who do I see?!

So what does it mean to be on the first page of a $170,000,000 marketing plan?

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing.

But it did make me smile :-)

P.S. I guess the only result of this is Noah constantly bums on my couch…running his entire AppSumo company from his MacBook Air.  I get to pick his brain, and in return he gets to eat all the bananas and cashews he wants :-)

P.P.S. On a totally random Noah-note, since I’ve been filming all these videos for the Behind The Scenes product and plan on doing more videos, I needed a camera with better video quality (but mainly better sound pickup).  I was riding on the back of Noah’s scooter to a concert he got free tix to.    So this was my first test video when I got my new Canon S95 camera…featuring Noah’s Jew-fro head:

Blog posted on: April 11, 2011

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