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This is a selection of articles I thought were interesting.

Neville Medhora was born
NevBlog was Born!


Met Dave Liniger, founder of RE/MAX
Mentioned on Business Week
First officially published article I wrote
2nd officially published article
Starbucks Liquor reviewed, #1 SE result since then
3rd officially published article
Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal
Yahoo! TopTen Money Blogs
Lamborghini Gallardo!
SEO is pretty simple, here are the main steps.
4thofficially published article.
The infamous scratch lottery ticket experiment
The infamous bottled water selling experiment
I love my tablet pc
Studying history tells you the future
Participated in a really cool event: Alamo Apprentice
Kicked other team's ass in Alamo Apprentice
Crashed party, met Elton John and Andy Roddick
Bottled Water Experiment Part 2
Sold class notes, got interesting reactions.
Something I want to do: Eliminate traffic jams
Dubai, yumm yumm
Crashed the IC2 Corporate Governance Conference
Where the name "Enwon" came from
My one real job was the easiest job in the world
I used to try a lot of little productivity gimmicks
Study Posters!
Burning Man tries suing me
Tried to get a picture with the Dalai Lama, it later failed.
Attempt to help Hurricane Katrina refugees with ID situation
Article in the New York Times about NevBlog
Sold pixels on NevBlog, made a couple thousand bucks.
Make your own ghetto photo studio
Met GaryKusin, CEO of FedEx Kinkos
Traffic and parking suck, so I bought a scooter
Crashed a really cool fashion show
Met Mike A. Myers (No, not the Austin Powers guy)
Met Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitar
Met some famous people, Michael Dell and Lance Armstrong
Old scooter was a dud, so I bought a new one.
How House Of Rave works
I said I graduated, but actually didn't yet.


Article about me in the Russian Wall Street Journal
Friends started Parlays And Picks, actually made money
Crashed party, met Matthew McConaughey, embarrassed self
Met Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric
Got a new Palm Treo, ended up being a big mistake.
Met Kevin Rollins, CEO of Dell
Met Gary Hoover, founder of BookStop
Met Karen Katz (Neiman Marcus) and Randal Pinkett
Michael Dell speech at UT
Crashed the World Congress on Information Technology conference
Created website. Facebook tries suing.
Crashed Entrepreneur of the Year event, drank expensive booze
Carrying a flask saves so much money when going out
Curb Painting! Still need to try this one..
Camry was totaled, Nev pretty pissed.
Trying to get out of speeding tickets, I found it doesn't work.
Pixel sale ended up making $2,300
Went to Boston to check it out
Getting serious about product photography for BodyMonkey
Met Herb Kelleher again, took best picture ever! started sponsoring NevBlog
Pete Coors of Coors Beer
$2,117 for only eight months of phone


My India Trip
Bought a Lexus GS300
First rendition of the Monkey!
Sold, it fetched $210
Removed comments from
I bought a house!
The rave house
Product photo and video spending spree
My China trip!
Business-in-box Inventory Control Experiment
Yes I do live in this 4,000 sq. on 6th Street
My Facebook profile in a Lebanese Newspaper! 700 Diggs.
Now you can buy advertising space onNevBlog
Being on Digg once got HouseOfRave 320 orders in one day
A small website I made sells for $5,500
Peak of sub-prime lending crash, maybe I WON'Tbuy.
Make money by selling professional Blogger templates
Companies should have donate buttons for lost sales.
My favorite media: Ted Talks
Crashed another Elton John private performance
3-D printing is gonna change a lot of industries.
Met Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte and Touche
Make money by selling confiscated stuff from airport?
I love the feeling of a finished to-do list
Changed comment policy, site is now much more civil
I stopped listing my income
How My First Business House Of Rave .com works:


Some New Year's Goals
Oggz helped me pay my tuition in college
Sold a palm reading business I started
Met AlCary, CEO of Frito Lay
Stalking BillGates at The University of Texas
Good time to start a 3D Printing website
First time ever, my car got broke into
Decided to start really improving HouseOfRave for 30 days Day:
With no frills, it costs me $24,160 to be alive each year
I think it'd be cool to learn Flash
My first interactive Flash application
Gas prices are high, how they do and don't affect my life
First NevBlog Fundraiser completes in 72 hours! Buys comp.
NevBlog makes a little money here and there.
Snagged an iPhone
Phun with Photography!
Advice to a Soon To Be College Grad
Evolution of my daily to-do list
More traffic tickets, more high tech
Sell or Kill the BodyMonkey?
My trip to the GooglePlex in Mountain View, CA.
CraigNewmark of Craigslist speaks
I only spent $30,005 last year
My whole life I've lived in a bull market
Who needs cool business cards?
Neville turns 26, NevBlog turns 4
10 ways to make $100 today
Hi, I'm Neville, I own a rave company
Spending account #2 praise


Goals for 2009
Handling business from Mexico
This time cigar smoking with Herb Kelleher
The Burj Al Arab won't let me have a party
Learning How ToBackflip...mishaps abound (part 2)
George Costanza does the opposite
Other things on YouTube besides wasting time
Reader career advice question
Broken iPhone and lost notebook
Skeptical at first, but I love my HP Mini
Dancing business analogy
The Seinfeld Motivation Calendar
To Serve
HowI lost a bunch of weight by accident
Back flips part 2
Whatchya think ofNev?
Whenever you're successful at anything, you will....
Austin Post award
Chargebacks suck, let's take action
HoR traffic tour
Let's say I cross the street and I get hit by a bus....
If I had to recommend some books, these would be it
Some of my favorite quotes
Good Comments VSBad Comments
The Seinfeld Calendar really keeps me on track
The 2009 to-do-list format
I ended up on a German book cover
I always wondered what a foreclosure auction looked like
The Homeless Experiment is now on the Kindle
Everyone is freaking out over jobs, buuuuttt....
Guess who's 27!
How to Spray Paint your shoes
My hobby is getting speeding tickets
The KramerShirt
Weird hit holiday products on House Of Rave
Handwritten Blogs would be so much cool
Apparently carrying high powered lasers is bad?


Being drunkcan teach you a thing or two
My very first quasi-legal business
2009 in numbers
Why keep goals only by my desk? On the phone....
This condenser mic is pretty nea to...
My Affiliate Marketing Experiment (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
To job, or not to job?
A personal milestone, moved from Blogger to Wordpress
Do your Alexa Rankings tell the truth? Mine don't
Everyone asks me if sales are down in this economy
The Point Down Trick
How I got started in entrepreneurship
Really remember how much effort you're putting into stuff
Blogger to Wordpress effect on Alexa rankings
Two months into it, and I'm feeling great!
The blonde hairmakes me look like Einstein
BikramYoga keeps all my joints loose as a goose
Brewing tea inside my hot car
WhyFacebook sued me
One of my favorite quotes
My "HappyPlace"
Month4 of the Six Pack Experiment
A word about people who've copied me
How to get a job fast the Earl Nightingale way
Just doing some handstands with Tim Ferris
It's easy to get published in anything
Great sleep hack: The Alpha state of mind
I have really great parents
I am a ParsiZoroastrian
Is it weird I had a crush on Alanis Morissette?
Homeless Experiment one year later...
Taking pictures underwater
Is it illegal to write on money?
Six Pack Experiment unexpected benefits
I've always liked doing handstands
Cool way to determine what is important: Carver Matrix
Everyday should have some Novelty,Beauty, Growth, Love
I get to have fun AND make money simultaneously!
Why I'm not a doctor
Another six pack update
Can I interest you in some daaawwwgs?
Working time lapse. 5 hours into 1 minute and 20 seconds!
In case I die...
I can do a handstand for a full minute
I spoke to poor people in Sierra Leone on the BBC
I often have to slay the HypeMachine Dragon in my head
Even during the holidays I'm being healthy


I love my Car2Go....
....and this girl totally loves me
I actually stole a bike...what a jackass
House Of Rave Revenue and numbers for 2010
The number one promotion I ever did on HoR
Hanging with my friends
Who would you buy 10% of?
Pretending I know how to play the bass guitar
My sweet Matrix Bullet Time Effect picture!
I released my very first product "Behind The Scenes of HoR"
Man, SXSW was a BLAST!
The HouseOfRave product now has a sales page (my first)! was on a $170,000,000 marketing plan!
Me and my brother are starting to sound good for a wedding
Dunno how to start a biz? Here's my advice...
GaryHalbert's Hamburger important lesson
How I made AppSumo a bunch of extra money
"Make them happy, you will be happy"
Short copy vs. Long Copy
8 Secrets of Getting Rich - Felix Dennis' advice
Marketing lessons from a dead guy
People wanted a tour of the Behind The Scenes thing
It seems people LOVED the product!
Recap of Vancouver and The Grand Cayman Islands
Meeting the copywriting greats in person
How much do you make per day? Per month? Per year?
People who ACTUALLY care, ACTUALLY make the most
Kicking off the Writing A Book In TWO Weeks Experiment!
I love pens, therefore I love this MontBlanc trick!
The long-awaited KopywritingKourseis out!!
People freakin LOVED THE KOURSE! AppSumo best seller...

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