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Properly utilizing Google and other search engines is one of the keys to online business success. I don’t spend a single cent advertising my online business that brings in between $500 and $1,000 per month. I have simply optimized the site for Google and the like.

Here is a quick guide on how to improve your PageRank.

What NOT to do:
DO NOT try to trick Google. I have done this before by creating a sleu of blogs that all linked to each other and my business. I was penalized for using “invisible” links that were the same color as the background and making a web of pointless links. Google recognized that I was “cheating” and dropped my PageRank to the point where I had the worst sales in years. It took me over 6 months to correct this mistake.

1.) Name all of your pages. Do not leave pages named Make sure you name your pages according to product names etc. such as This improves your chances of coming in a higher search result.

2.) Name your images. The images for your cool flashing gizmo should be named: “Cool_flashing_gizmo.jpg” etc.

3.) Update frequently. Leaving your site stale does nothing for you. Update something, ANYTHING, every two days. Search engines recognize your site is active, therefore boosting your credibility. Search engines will also crawl your site more often, allowing you to take advantage of recent updates.

4.) Create a blog for your business. Keep your customers updated with a nice business blog. Talk about your products and link to your business. A blog lets customers know that your business is active, and that there is a person on the other side of that website.

Try typing in “Miserable Failure” on Google. The first result is “The Biography of George W. Bush.” This happened because a bunch of bloggers put links on their page like this: Miserable Failure. See what power we have!

One of the top search keywords I get for my site is surprisingly “Starbucks Liquor” I did a post about it a while ago. I will make this link, Starbucks Liquor, and see how much it boosts my position when Googled. Right now I am the 8th result. If a couple other of you bloggers make the link Starbucks Liquor in your blog, with the link pointing to, my position will move higher.

Blog posted on: March 17, 2005

10 comments on “Neville’s Google Guide

  1. ~Dawn

    Since I really don’t sell anything except have one affiliate link on my site, I don’t worry about it much. But, thanks for the info.

  2. Flexo

    Tricks like the “miserable failure” bit (while I agree with the sentiment :> ) only help to make Google less effective as a search engine. Eventually, Google will be forced to change their PageRankā„¢ methods if their results become less useful.

    - Flexo

  3. Neville

    Thanks Johnie for the link notice, I appreciate it.

    And to Flexo,
    I still love Google. I pretty much use it for everything and find great results. Google jealously gaurds its methods, but I know they constantly update them to provide better results. I haven’t seen much skewing of search results except for the Google Bomb “Miserable Failure” (Which I find highly funny!)

  4. DJ


    Your blog is ridiculous, out of control!

    On this article regarding google and the last section called “experiment”. When someone types “Starbucks Liquor”, your post on your blog comes up in the search results.

    I have a blog of my own and a post called “”, but whenever I type in “long-island-reality-check” in the google search bar, my blog doesn’t even show up. How can I get that to show up? Are there other ways to advertise my blog without asking people to link my blog to theirs?etc? Also, what is pagerank, its seems like an explanation or theory that google has.

    keep up the good work. i am a recent college graduate from ny trying to make it in the big apple.

  5. Anonymous

    I found your page through “starbucks liquor” search!
    The site was so entertaining, I immediately e-mailed my wife. I’m sure she has told several people. The moral: great content = traffic = mo’ money. :)

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  7. Buy Things Online

    I would recommend not to get obsessed with pagerank. Google pagerank is just a irrelevant measure. What really matters is actually getting traffic and conversions. I have a PR4 site with just a few backlinks about 30. All sources are good but it does not have any traffic, why? because it needs authority and authority is not given by page rank.


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