New Goals

My next short term goal is to:

Make $11,000 by April 31st, 2005.

This means I must make an average of:

  • $2,750 per month
  • $687 per week
  • $98 per day

This goal is more than double my last 4 month goal, so something about my income must change. I must either work more, make more money from my online business or create a new income stream. I plan to do all three.

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    Blog posted on: December 31, 2004

    One comment on “New Goals

    1. Ted

      Hey Neville,
      I saw your site on and think it looks great. I’m a 23 year old with similar dreams of financial independence. One question I have – on your list of assets, shouldn’t you list the “business balance” account as a liability since it’s money you owe to another company?

      And of course, I wanted to offer a shameless plug for my own personal finance blog:

      I added a link to your site…would appreciate it if you could return the favor.


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