New Place On The Lake

School is out till the 31st of August, meaning I have about two weeks to concentrate on business projects big and small. It’s time to stop spending time on school and start dedicating full days to business projects.

I’ve also moved out of my old apartment……

…..and moved into a bigger, 2-storey apartment on the lake. I’m less than half a mile from the freeway, and I still get great views like this from my balcony:

So far I plan on spending $0.00 on furniture. Our living room is already stocked, and I’m not too picky about what’s in my room. I’m an awful decorator anyway.

I’m hoping to score a free mattress somewhere around Austin, so I’ve been cruising CraigsList quite often. I might eventually take a trip to WalMart or Fry’s for a small computer desk, but for now I’m going to play it cheap.

The lake is a 10 second walk out my door, and I met my new neighbors, these gooses and ducks!

The move hasn’t been bad so far. One of my roommates has a hookup for free moving trucks, so we’ve spent literally nothing the entire time.

Blog posted on: August 17, 2005

13 comments on “New Place On The Lake

  1. Anonymous

    I take it you mean “geese” and ducks?

    sorry, but after reading your post about the notes in class, I *had* to point out the error….

  2. Anonymous

    Your place looks really nice! I was just wondering, it seems you are only working part-time, are you getting financial support from your family for tuition and the nice apartment?

  3. Jose Anes


    I don’t mind a used mattress. Just leave it out on the harsh Austin sun for a day and you will probably kill any bacteria and mildew you may be concerned with. There are some commercial products for such things as well. Anyone who minds a used mattress may not stay at hotels, as all of those matresses are used!

    I know society has given us a lot of comfort and cleanliness. But there is a point where we have to be realistic.

    Of course, it makes sense to put a mattress pad on it.

    I have some used mattress sets on my house. Guest Room #1 has two twin mattress sets taken from a Furnished Rental property that my mom used to have. Guest Room #2 has a Full mattress set purchased at a hotel, when it was going out of business. Library / Guest Room #3 has a Full Futton taken out of the dumpster. Wife’s Office / Guest Room #4 has a twin mattress set of a room my mom’s used for guests (she upgraded to queen).

    Money and Investing

  4. muzzi

    Jonathan, ever think that it might be things like this that save him enough money to be able to afford the four guest rooms?

  5. Anonymous

    There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. If you have decent of money, buying a used mattress is not being frugal.

  6. Anonymous

    Used mattress? Even Austin sun does not kill everything. Fungi just form spores and wait for a better “climate”.
    Good mattress (most people keep mattresses lot longer than they should, I know I do at times) is so important for one’s overall well-being & health that I agree with a previous poster that a used mattress is not a sign of frugality it is cheap. So unless one is sooo poor and has no other option, I do not recommend it.

    BTW folks get all sorts of “bed buggs” from hotel mattresses not as a rule but they do.


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