New scooter, Paid Writing, Increasing HoR Sales

I bought yet another scooter, same year, same brand. I saw it on Craigslist going for a great price, so I withdrew cash from the bank and bought it.

It hardly had any miles on it, and it runs like brand new. The guy selling it was a successful lawyer who stopped riding after he and his wife had a son. He just wanted it out of his garage, hence the great price I got.

I now own two 2003 Aprilia Scarabeo 50’s. My original one is awaiting a part from Italy that will arrive sometime this month. Once the work is complete, I will sell one of the scooters. I might also wait a few months for it to get warmer and then sell it (You get better prices).

Recently I have been getting a lot of offers to write for stock market websites. One offer I got was from that pays $500 a quarter or $2,000 a year. According to their agreement I must write a one paragraph post on their website about the stock market every day.

SO I would get $8 a day for writing one paragraph a day, 5 days a week….this sounds too much like a job.

…and honestly, I don’t want stock advice from someone doing it for the pay. I’d rather get advice from Kirk. He’s one of the few stock market writers that makes his money by actually trading stock. I’ve done ADVFN a favor and disqualified myself by discussing the terms:

Ever since I made up my mind to increase profits for House Of Rave, it has worked.
Here was my hopeful profit chart:

I set my October profit goal at $975, and I slightly surpassed that goal with a total profit of $1,120 for October. Over the next three weeks I will be making more changes that should hopefully boost my profits even more. I enjoy the ease of running HoR, and I know I can increase profits enough to completely cover all my monthly expenses after graduation.

Blog posted on: November 14, 2005

34 comments on “New scooter, Paid Writing, Increasing HoR Sales

  1. pfadvice

    wait until it gets warmer to sell the second scooter…spring time would be best. The extra money will more than make up for the wait.

  2. Jesse

    Thanks for giving details on your goals, and the actual results. It’s motivating, and something I’ve been waiting for from this blog for a while :)

  3. B

    In 2004 Kirk made about 200,000 dollars off of the stock market. He seems to be a day trader so it must be his full time job. Does he give any estimates for the amount of time that he spends trading stocks? While 200,000 is a fair chunk of change and his percentages are quite good, we are in the midst of a fairly bull market – I for one wouldn’t want to make day trading stocks my only source of income – too rich for my blood.

  4. Neville


    A few things which I think made the most different are:

    -Creating the entire order system, shopping cart, more info pages on a similar template as the main page. This makes the whole browsing to ordering process congruent.

    -Added 1-800 number.

    -Started using Outlook for email instead of a web email client. I seriously think THIS is the reason for increased sales. My customer service went from terrible to great by switching to Outlook.

    When a customer sends a question or complaint via email, I get it right away. I can respond to problems with customers or the fullfilment company immediately. In my prior system I would check the mail whenever I had the time…and I usually I was very bad about it.

    Quite often customer inquiries lead to sales. I have also kicked into effect a few things that should help me net around $2,000 a month in the very near future.

  5. Lee

    Fantastic, thanks for the tips Nev!

    I am attempting to start my own online shop but am having a mountain of trouble getting a merchant account to accept credit cards with. Banks are a real head ache :(

    Anyway, thanks again for the tips Nev, your an inspiration and all round great guy! Keep it up!

  6. Alexander Barbara

    Agree the $8 per day is a job.

    You might want to delete the “anonymous” xbox 360 referral above.

    Congrats on Michael Dell and Lance Armstrong. What was the cost per plate? :)

  7. Anonymous

    ya, like that’s real smart, buying something you already have just for the heck of it. now you have to store it for a few months too. ugh.

  8. Anonymous


    it’s NOT smart to invest in “if”.

    factor in the storage, time to list the item for sale, show the item, etc. i bet it will not be profitable at all even if he sells it for a bit more then he bought it for. especially when you consider that he could have kept that money in the market during this time. now he has that money in an item that is certainly not increasing in value as it sits in his carport.

  9. Hakim


    Buy low, sell high! I’m pretty sure Neville knows the scooter market in TX. If he thinks it’s a good investment, it most likely is. People buy to resell higher anything to make cash since cash exist. I know people who flip houses and cars. I dont see why scooters would be much different.

    All the magic is in the buying at the right price.

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with flipping items when it makes sense and is even a pretty sure bet; but he’s talking about storing it and seems quite unsure that he will be able to sell it in the winter season at all.

  11. Anonymous

    Damn you beef farmer mentality folk — buy low sell high — yuck! I’m in the cashflow business…I hate quick cash….I like steady streams of income that give me the freedom to check out this post while I’m here sipping on my tangy cocktail…yum

  12. Mike

    I don’ think $8 a day is worth it at all. 1 post every day is a lot of work. You could earn a lot more money by creating your own site.

  13. Jonathan

    Hey Nev, what if i offered you lets say $2 per post..with a maximum of $500 per month? Would you want to write a paragraph or 2 every so often?

  14. Quant Trader

    it’s NOT smart to invest in “if”.

    You gotta be kidding me. All investments are investments in “if”. There is no return without risk.

  15. Anonymous

    “11.17.2005 – Have 3 separate sources of income totaling over $7,500 per month.”

    What’s the situation today young man?

  16. nraila

    I’ve been looking for a way to get a split second understanding of different investment choices in a manner that is clear, rich and easy to grasp.
    I’ve been using Clarityrules and thought you might like to try it out. You can find out more at

  17. Hakim

    anon says

    Damn you beef farmer mentality folk — buy low sell high — yuck! I’m in the cashflow business…I hate quick cash….I like steady streams of income that give me the freedom to check out this post while I’m here sipping on my tangy cocktail…yum

    So basically you claim to be able to build streams of income with a properly discounted NPV HIGHER than his profit on this transaction with the same or less amount of effort/time.

    Let’s assume he will make $300 on this deal and that he spent 5 hour working on the deal. This makes it about $60/h. Now, if you got a way for the average joe to make this kind of money in his free time, start your blog! Show it to the world. You’ll be much more appreciated than Nev.

    Most likely, you do not have such knowledge. Please prove me wrong, I need more money!

  18. colin

    Yeah, the scooter market is hot right now… that — and Vespas — are becoming way more frequent… and with 50k students, there will always be a market. ;)

    I’m into office chairs right now. Just flipped 8 Steelcase Leap chairs, kept two, made a decent profit, then sold one of the two I kept and bought a nicely used Aeron. Leather arm pads and was used on a movie set in LA. :)

    Not that I care about hollywood but at least it has some character. :)

  19. Anonymous


    so he made $300 in a few hours. With my current web properties I earn in excess of 10g+ per month — many are automated web systems…there are however a few I need to work at maybe a few hours a week.

    I have no spare time — all my time is spare time.

    about getting a blog — neaw. regarding you wanting the information, sure I’d be happy to mentor you, but this ain’t no picnic …my fees are high.

  20. Travis

    Nev – Can you recommend a book or point me to some other source of information that will explain how to create a website to generate income? I like your idea and goals with your site. Thanks.

  21. muckdog

    Nev, just found you by doing a search for financial blogs in Yahoo. Normally I search using Google, but thought I’d see what YHOO turns up. Nice job here. You’ve been bloglined!

  22. Josh Kerbel

    500 bucks a quarter for posting every day? Do they think you are some overseas computer hack working out of a hut?

    The only advantage may be that it gets your name out to an even wider audience.

  23. supercublogger

    Hi Neville.

    Nice scooter. I ride a “little Honda” here in Tokyo.
    What kind of mileage you getting on that baby?

    Good luck with the new biz ideas.

    Tokyo, Japan

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