New Venture –

Starting a side income is not hard as most people think. Take for example the “business” I thought of, then created in 15 minutes:

FancyBlog will be one of the only sites that offers free blog templates for a variety of blogging formats.

FancyBlog will offer:
Blogger Templates
Xanga Templates
Xanga Skins
Movable Type Templates
WordPress Templates

Here is the quick story of how I thought of and ACTED UPON the idea behind FancyBlog. This all happened on Sunday (4-10-2005) at 2:15pm:

  • 2:15pm – Doing some work at a coffee house when….
  • 2:16pm – Realized people like to “fancy up” their blogs.
  • 2:17pm – Checked availability of domain name.
  • 2:19pm – Had the domain name registered.
  • 2:20pm – Setup the DNS service on my server
  • 2:22pm – Designed a simple yet dynamicly upgradable site.
  • 2:25pm – Posted 2 blog templates for each blogging format.
  • 2:28pm – Adjustments and preperation for more templates.
  • 2:29pm – Added an advertisment for another business.

Will I make any advertising money on this? Who knows. Did I complete a business from “idea” to “live” in the time it takes to watch half a sit-com?….you betchyour ass I did. New blogs will continually be added and the business will hopefully take off.

Ideas are all around, just keep your eyes open for them.

On another note, people have lately been asking how much traffic I get. Here is a direct screenshot of my Plesk reports:

(Keep in mind that April is not over, so all traffic is not accounted for)

Blog posted on: April 29, 2005

14 comments on “New Venture –

  1. Anonymous

    How do you get so much traffic??
    How has your blog been so sucessful compared to the others?
    Do you advertise?

  2. Cap

    word of mouth, steady readership, is major marketing power. maddox’s website is one of the greatest example of word of mouth marketing.

    but his site did explode once many PF blogs started to get more exposures from that WSJ article, and others like it.

    I think it jumped some more too after that crazy water bottle experiment. (not to mention that lottery one)

    anyways besides informing (and for his own use), I think Nev does attempt to entertain quite a bit too.

  3. Andy


    You did quite a lot between 2:22 and 2:25; what did you use to get the site designed and built so quickly?

  4. Neville


    All you need is Frontpage and dynamic borders. I created:

    …then added them as dynamic borders to each page. This way I can change the entire look and feel of the site and every page in it with a few clicks.

    There are better ways to do this nowadays, but this method is what I’m most familiar with.


  5. Smarty

    Is this a response to my side income post? Are you mocking me with your 15 minute idea–>completion abilities?

    Haha… j/k. I love your posts and comments. I’m going to do a post about you and your blog when I have time. You know that water experiment idea in NYC… I’m still thinking about it.

    So have the made you any profits yet? (BTW, that’s a lot of work done in 15 mins.) If not, you could be losing money to the cost of domain and maintenance.

  6. Rebecca

    Hey Nev…I’m just trying to understand here…for instance a lot of the blogger templates that you are offering are the same templates that they offer on Blogger, am I right? So is there a value-add in doing that? Did you have to get permission to do that? Or maybe I’m off the mark here and they are different.

    Thanks, and good luck!

  7. Rebecca

    By the way, has anyone seen the discussion about Why Adsense is Not Suitable for All Blogs? There was another interesting post about this yesterday, but I can’t find it!

    Apparently the most of the “top” blogs use BlogAds, and not Adsense, but this article’s theory is that it has to do with topic. Any thoughts on this?

  8. Ryan

    I think FancyBlog is a great idea. I know that when I first started looking for WordPress themes, I had to really hunt for good ones. I got to thinking that there HAS to be a repository of themes somewhere, but never really found what I was looking for. I say that if you can round up all of the best looking themes for the major blogging scripts, you should have a winner on your hands. I’ll be interested to see how this grows with time. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous

    Stats look like webalizer stats to me as well…

    beaware that your visits are probably slightly inflated – webalizer is basically a log analyzer and not a very accurate web analytical solution.


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