Noah & Nev take some entrepreneur-ish questions

Noah & Neville answer answer some user questions such as:

-Carrying out an idea. Do you just jump right into every idea you have and start building it, or do research first?

-How do I know if a business can be profitable? Noah shows his quick-n-ghetto cost-analysis formula.

-Do I need venture capital or outside funding for my business?

-Building version 1-point-O of your idea before rolling out something fancy.

-How do you advertise a service (based on Noah’s experience at

-How to find the right customers that actually fork up lotsa money

-How long does it take to be profitable?

-AppSumo cost $60 to build….how did you do that?
(watch our Outsourcing video for that)

-Do you need partners to start a biz? How did AppSumo do it?

-A rapid-fire-re-cap of all the questions (at the end)

Blog posted on: December 30, 2011

12 comments on “Noah & Nev take some entrepreneur-ish questions

  1. Matt Horwitz

    Yo guys, I’ve really been enjoying a lot your videos recently! Great content and I love how you both cut through all the BS. Systems start small. Test and see if it works. If it does, scale it up – love it!… as I am learning and growing my processes, this info is key. Hey~I was looking for Noah’s product on his automated hiring system.. can you hook it up with the link?


    1. Neville Post author

      Looks like someone provided the link below…

      Glad you enjoy these, they’re fun to make and they really do seem to help a lot of people!

      Thanks for watching Matt :-)


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