Blog posted on: February 24, 2012

23 comments on “Noah’s 30th B-day Old-man advice:

  1. PR

    You and Noah are a fantastic team. You complement each other very well.

    Are you familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator? Do you know yours and his? I would guess that you’re an ENFP and he’s an INTJ.

    Love your blog Neville!

    Happy birthday to Noah!

    1. Neville

      LOL! I have no idea what type either of us is.

      All I know is:
      #1.) We both are transparent about most things (sometimes to a fault)
      #2.) We both don’t try to over-complicate stuff.
      #3.) We can switch back-n-forth who the “straight-man” is (that’s not what you think! It’s a comedy term which means one person seems smarter or funnier, because the other person acts like they’re NOT).

      If Noah is talking about a complicated concept…..I’ll ask him to explain it to me “In a dumb way…..because I’m a dumb guy). What I’m actually doing is prodding him to make it simpler for the audience (…and I actually AM a dumb guy, so me too)!

      This helps immensely.

      Glad you like our dynamic, these are fun videos to make :-)

  2. Matt

    Great stuff Noah and Neville! I’ve purchased a few appsumo courses, and man, are they awesome!

    I had to learn adwords for an SEO gig I had a few months back. I had my laptop on the passenger seat and for 3 days during my 1 hour commute I learned enough to get the entire campaign off the ground and successful.

    Did the same for the analytics courses and a few others. Going to jump into the Kopywriting Kourse soon.

    Dig the blue shoes too. Keep up the great work guys.

  3. yasir

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  4. marko

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  5. Michael

    Another home-run Neville – keep them coming!

    Noah’s shoe’s look even bluer in person… Plus I can’t wait to check out your pair with the “extra features”??

    Makes me think of that kid from the goonies… Data


    1. Neville Post author

      NICE DUDE!

      While I’m pretty sure your idea won’t be the bazillion dollar business you dream of…’s a damn good feeling to get a start right?

      EVEN BETTER is that you barely spent any time on it, and still got people interested. Great job.

      Now keep in mind, every new idea you have….can be quickly validated in this same way. You can thank me later for saving you years of time ;-)

      It would be cool if you could somehow put a “money-making” aspect to the science fiction writing. Something like:

      “Most sci-fi writers make about…..ZERO dollars a month from their work. But I actually bring in several thousand a month in side-income from my writings, here’s how I do it”.


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