Nordstrom Return Policy Purchase

Went to Nordstrom to pick up a pair of shorts and some new sandals for summer. Nordstrom is VERY pricey, but if you are looking for a few nice items for longterm use, I suggest buying from them for a few reasons:

1.) Service. Nordstrom’s legendary customer service has never failed to meet and beat my expectations.

2.) Return Policy. There is none. There is no time limit or reason for return needed to return an item. You can take a beaten up, dog-eaten pair of 10 year old jeans purchased from them and get a refund or exchange. Seriously.

Now, just remember, don’t buy EVERYTHING from them, just a select few high quality items from your wardrobe.

My excursion to Nordstrom cost me:

  • J.W. Nordstrom Khaki Shorts – $32.50
  • Cole Haan Leather Sandals – $145
  • Shoe shining stuff – $6
  • Tax – $15.14
  • Total – $198.64

Eat your heart out Budgeting Babe :)