Not caring about food

It seems like a lot of attention is paid to food.

Food is just temporary fuel for your body.

Food is temporary pleasure, but its longterm effect on your body is quite large.

Stupid old cliche or real statement?  I think it’s pretty accurate.

For the Getting A Six Pack Experiment, in roughly 5 weeks I lost around 17 lbs total….and I wasn’t really fat to begin with. That’s a LOT of weight in NOT A LOT of time, HOORAY!

…did I also mention that I was working out LESS than I normally do that whole time?

So I was working out less, but got dramatic weight loss results FAST. Obviously something had changed, and it was my CHOICE of foods.

No no no….I didn’t STOP EATING food, that would just be silly…like not filling up your gas tank and expecting your car to run. Instead, I gave my car premium fuel instead of the shit I was previously putting in.

Eating healthy is NOT expensive….buying packaged foods that say “Healthy” on the label IS expensive. The best part is, those foods AREN’T healthy at all, so you don’t need to buy them!

Why eat them if they’re more expensive AND not healthy?

I primarily ate raw foods for this experiment, and the transition wasn’t exceedingly hard when I made up my mind not to eat any super-high calorie items that weren’t good for me (although it took some see-sawing first).

If you can’t do this yourself, you might want to checkout what Adam at MyBodyTutor offers.  I knew I couldn’t do this myself, that’s why I signed up with the service…it keeps you in check everyday, and soon it becomes a habit that ISN’T hard to keep.

Adam didn’t recommend me to eat mainly raw foods…I was already doing it before I called him (I must’ve been one of his easiest clients since I was already eating so well)!

One of the main things I’ve learned through this experiment was controlling what I ate was more mental than anything.  I’m the variety of person that DOESN’T eat when I feel emotions such as happiness or sadness (fat people tend to be the opposite)…if you have that problem, you DEFINITELY might consider Adam’s help.   However I still had the “Food as a reward” thing going on in my head.

Successes were celebrated with big meals, and special occasions usually indicated a big feast was coming.  I’m all for celebrating victories, but stuffing-myself-silly slowly and slowly seems less attractive.  Why ruin a good victory by running myself down….what’s the point?


P.S.  I actually first recorded this post, unscripted, on audio.  I kind of like doing the audio thing now.  The audio and post don’t really talk about the same thing at all.  Here it is (click play):

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Blog posted on: May 13, 2010

16 comments on “Not caring about food

  1. Meredith W

    Hi Neville – I wanted to let you know that my roommate Stacey told me about your blog which I’m loving!! In fact, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks reading your blog archives during my lunch break and it’s freakin hilarious.

    She actually signed up to MyBodyTutor a few weeks ago based on your recommendation and is thrilled with the service/program. She’s finally staying consistent with her diet/exercise and is already seeing and feeling results so I thank you for that!

    Both my brother who is 33 years old and my old sister who is 39 years old have been complaining about the way they look for a while now. They’ve slowly put on weight through the years and are tired of it.

    So, I told them about MyBodyTutor and how my roommate Stacey is doing so well on it (read above) and they were intrigued because nothing has ever worked for her and are going to sign up this weekend.

    I know this is the longest comment ever, but you’ve somehow managed to positively change everyone around me.

    My roommate joined MBT and is loving it. I have found a new lunch date (you! :) ) and love it because I’m always entertained/learning/intrigued and my older brother and sister are about to embark on MBT because of your blog.

    You’re really inspiring and I wish you nothing but success in the future.

    1. Neville Post author

      WOW….what a fantastic comment, definitely made me smile!
      Like this –> :-)

      I forwarded this to Adam also…and I totally agree that he has a solid operation going on.

      It’s funny that on his website it says “Results ARE typical” and he can get away with it…..because it’s 100% true. Pretty much NO diet plan can say that without lying.

      Glad I influenced your world a little bit, and very glad that you enjoy the blog.

      Thanks again for commenting!!

  2. Jennifer

    I’m definitely going to be signing up to MBT as soon as I get back to Canada (already contacted Adam; he’s super nice!). Glad to hear that so many people are finding MBT helpful, it’s making me very eager to join :)

  3. Credit Girl

    So true. The food that we eat can have such a negative or positive effect on our body. When I used to work out for 1 hour a day and eat bad food still, I didn’t really see any results. It wasn’t until I cut out all the sugary carbs that I started to really see results in addition to working out.

  4. sixpacker

    This comment is to add onto the one I posted regarding the most recent picture of NEville’s progress…

    Im not trolling just tryin to set things for the better:

    “Food is just temporary fuel for your body.”

    That is not true. I mentioned in the last post that after losing 15 pounds Nev, you should have been where you wanted to be already…and with that frame of mind from this post regarding food, I now understand the source of why your behind schedule…

    That is not a sound comment. Foods like unsaturated oils, and proteins really have nothing to do with fuel but have everything to do with body. Think about it, our bodies are always renewing. Our skin, bones, muscle, things that are not carbs must be renewed…how can you grow more hair if you do not eat what hair is made of(it aint carbs), how can you make new skin when it flakes off if you do not eat what skin is made of, how can your organs and muscles make new muscles to replenish old ones if you do not eat muscle?

    Lets say you lifted weights and you’re muscles are sore and now they want to be ready for the next time you work out those same muscles…those muscles are waiting for you to give them muscle so they can use that and add on to themselves…but lets say your eating wrong and you eat a subway sandwich…the only muscle that’s in that sandwich is a few slices of ham and the rest are carbs…gues what your body is going to do…take that ham and make new muscle out of it (but how much more muscle can be built with a few slices of ham…a slice of muscle?) the rest of the bread goes straight onto the body in the form of stored fat or used up immediately…it aint becoming muscle and it aint comming out of you until you burn it off…the veggies will pass and clean your internals. So you see, food is everything!

  5. Susanna

    Indeed, the workout is nothing without the diet. Your body needs the right mixture of fuel to build and maintain muscle and bone. To a certain extent, you can have a relatively poor diet and still get moderate results from a regular workout, but a balanced, well-planned diet will give you better results much faster, and give you more energy. Excellent post, thanks.


    That is too much karma! At least you and your buddies don’t look like terrorists… get back to chasing money and leave the james bond stuff to, well, james bond. Oh yeah, one more thing… you are a materialistic tool.

  7. RAM

    Hey post something….it been a while since your last post and it wasnt too interesting….I cant believe you get money from this blog if you dont post daily

  8. Anon

    Wow, just saw the site that the other guy posted. What were you doing at the baseball field? Just trying to pull a prank or something?


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