Blog posted on: September 3, 2010

16 comments on “Novelty, Beauty, Growth & Love

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  2. Portable Grill

    Hi! I am sorry meant for my very bad British. My partner and i have got came after your own websites as well as I truly like your own style. Might you actually tell me where could get a web theme similar to this? say thanks to you.

  3. Carter

    Oddly enough, “alligator food” works just like “olive juice” but with an additional bit of humor that will likely leave you grinning like an idiot in love as you say it.

    Thanks Nev! I’ll be sitting at the easel this afternoon.

  4. Nelson

    Well said grasshopper,you brought back lots of memories of my closing down the clubs almost nightly since I lived right on the strip it was so hard to stay in. Looking back I dont know how I survived. Because after the club you would go home with someone or wake up some poor soul @ 4am play twister (wink) pass out then get up a couple hours later rush home get dressed go to work all day, then go home nap and do it all over again. “lol”

    Today I have no interest in burning up my liver blowing wads of money etc.. Call it growing up shift in priority or letting go of the ego. Also known as the three phases of man-look it up! Thanks for the memory lane jog. It’s all about growth and your clearly on that path now. Namaste

  5. Chris Altamirano


    Just got your email and I have to say dude, you’ve done it again! (Meaning you send great emails)

    It honestly doesn’t matter what the headline is that you put, I’m always pumped to read your stuff.


    One thing I’ve realized now (especially since I’ve had a steady girlfriend for 1 year – first time ever in my life) is that our interests are way different.

    She’s 20 and I”m 24 and it’s as if I’m exiting that phase of my life where partying was everything, whereas she’s just now entering it. You can probably assume that we’re not on the same page in that regard.

    But you’re absolutely right dude, it’s like (as we get older) old things just aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

    I’d much rather buy a new book, read it up to gain some knowledge, blog a bit, email my awesome subscribers, and then stay at home and play with my GoPro to make sweet videos.

    Aside from your conclusion of ” if you’re not going out as much, it’s not because you’re old…..maybe you’re just not as EXCITED for the same old stuff anymore. And maybe other things in life become more exciting.”..

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we all just sort of grow out of people. It’s super natural and human nature for all of us to want progress in life, so when we aren’t progressing we get that “jittery” feeling in life.

    Once again, love your emails and content, keep em’ coming dude.

    – Chris Altamirano (All-Tuhh-Murr-Aww-No)

  6. Yazin

    That actually makes sense now that it’s put down on paper (or on a screen, or whatever).

    Thanks for sharing Neville!

    PS: That handwriting yours? Bad-ass!!


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