November 2010 Goals

Those October 2010 Goals got finished nicely, so it’s time to move forward with November 2010:

1.) One CWPCT every week (you won’t know what that means so don’t try to guess).

2.) Promotion on House Of Rave.

3.) Handstands: Every morning when I wake up I should do four laps back and forth in my apartment walking on my hands.

I should also then do 2 minutes of still handstands.

I can already walk on my hands pretty well and even turn around.  I can also hold a still handstand for about 45 seconds.  However I like being able to do them well, so this will be good endurance training (and it’s also a way to trick me into gym-mode in the morning)….sneaky sneaky!

Still handstand, legs spread:

Still handstand, legs together:

Walking on hands:

4.) House Of Rave Christmas Season Preparations

All of these goals are reasonably attainable within the next month, so no excuses….including Thanksgiving and other festivities (which there are MANY of this month).

ɐɹoɥpǝɯ ǝllıʌǝu   <– It’s upside down in honor of the handstands!

Blog posted on: November 2, 2010

7 comments on “November 2010 Goals

  1. linda

    dear nev,.
    you may have already mentioned this, but the goal sheets you write on, where do you place them in your apartment?
    or is it strictly only on display onthe blog
    – linda

  2. Jeff Zenko

    You better make more stuff with your name on it so you can bury that newspaper with you going to jail, lol!!

    I tried googling CWPCT Neville Medhora and I was pretty impressed! I’m guessing that was your father who was the doctor, judging by your previous posts? That’s the kind of stuff you should blog about, if handstands can make it on to a financial blog, so too should criminal charges..but I get it.


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