October 2010 Goals

I definitely sucked at my September 2010 Goals.

…this was in part to moving to a new apartment and not having internet or a proper place to work….checkout my view of the sunset!!  (Both taken with my iPhone):

…however that’s just an excuse.  It was mostly laziness.

Anyhow, I’m all setup again and learned a hell of a lot from blogging everyday.  Particularly the best way for me to accomplish something is by creating a negative consequence I won’t be happy with.  I feel like if I do this for several months in a row, it’ll become a habit.

So I planned out my October 2010 Goals, and reluctantly made only four goals (I’ve found out when I put too many things on there I rarely end get them all done):

#1.) Great customer service on HouseOfRave.  This will be a daily thing.  It will consist of spending 20-some minutes in the morning, and 20-some minutes before 5pm on handling all customer service requests.

This often isn’t even that much work, and it has many benefits:

  • Happy customers
  • Less stress from piling up customer issues
  • Less charge backs
  • More return visits.

All of these things all = more $$$$$$.

#2.) Two HoR pics/video sets per week.  Basically it’s this. I used to do nearly ONE A DAY at some points.  I’ve literally just been lazy and not doing them.  BAD NEVILLE.

#3.) Four HoR Emails & Promos.  I just need to remember to send out newsletters.  Simple as that.

#4.) NevBlog fully re-designed.  I already implemented this new WordPress theme…I just need it cleaned up.  I’ll be hiring a WordPress designer and get all the funky formatting corrected.  Preferably I’ll find someone in Austin who can help me with a few simple fixes.


OK, so how am I going to keep accountable for these four goals??

I was asking my brother and roommate how to keep accountable this month and I randomly spurted out this gem:

“If I don’t accomplish my goals this month, I’ll give away my bike to this particular crack-head bum I see on the street corner all the time.”

I met this particular bum doing The Homeless Experiment and personally know this guy is a huge druggy and alchy. I will be DAMNED before I give that (insert lots of derogatory words here) bum gets my mountain bike.  I ride that bike all the time and love it (I actually bought it from Lance Armstrong’s bike shop here in Austin)!

So there you have it.  If I don’t have those four goals crossed off  on Oct. 31st, 2010….I’ll give my beloved bike away to that bum.

Blog posted on: October 1, 2010

9 comments on “October 2010 Goals

  1. Mike Roberts

    digging the unusual motivation techniques… whatever works right?

    I’ve also experienced that too many goals sometimes = poor results. I’m down to 1 or 2 BIG goals each month, I find that by focusing on what feels big to me, lots of the “little” daily things get done along the way.

    This was a hard transition for me, because my mind wanted to constantly be focused on all the specific tasks that need to get done on a daily basis. But most often this left me feeling overwhelmed.

    Someday I will learn how you do those cool handwritten notes in your blog. (I’m pretty much technologically retarded)

    later man,


    1. Neville Post author


      I too was a “GIANT LIST OF GOALS” guy, but it never panned out (well…not ALL the time at least).

      It reminded me of my to-do list method I use:

      ….with the cover sheet of paper.

      Even though my daily to-do had a lot of items, just having that ONE singular goal helped me complete the whole thing.

      As for the writing, I actually write and post those from my Tablet PC. I think it’s WAY more fun to write out post because your personality shows through more than typing.

      1. Mike Roberts

        Your “Evolution of the to-do list” is one of my fav’s, I reposted it on FB and twitter when I read it a while back. I’m pretty new to documenting my exploits, but that post really shows your development over the years. How your processes change to get the results that you desire.

        Essentially, you are just doing what is needed to get the shit you want done. Speaking for myself, the methods to getting things done in my life are constantly changing, and I like that. It’s fun trying out new things.

        Currently, I’m using no to-do list at all (maybe for a month now) and I’m as productive as ever. I use the one “Big Goal” to serve as a guide, and all the other things seem to get done. Not always perfect, but what system is?

        One thing I may try soon, is to use momentum. I stole this idea from Tynan who has 3 rules of getting things done

        1. select only 2-5 BIg things per day
        2. tell somebody about it, join an accountability group, whatever
        3. mark an “X” on a calendar for each day that you successfully complete your daily tasks (I think it’s important to limit this to the 1-3 essentials. 5 important daily tasks sounds like a lot to me personally.

        His 3rd point is where the momentum is built. Once you have 3 X’s you want to keep it going. Imagine having 30 X’s? it would be really inspiring to keep the streak alive.

        I read that he recently broke his streak of productivity at like 200 some days. and the circumstances in which he had to break them was one of those “whatever-can-go-wrong-will-go-wrong” days. When you reach 200 days, you probably just laugh and smile as you pick up where left off and mark your first X all over again.

        haha, sorry about the long comment, but I love all this productivity nonsense.


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  3. Anon

    I was in Austin this weekend to see Daniel Tosh. There was a bum fight, between a bum dressed as the grim reaper and some guy without a shirt on. I had never heard a cop say “put down your milk crate” before. However, that was the grim reaper’s weapon of choice, and he willingly let it fall to the ground.

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  5. FoxyCher

    Nice and amusing blog you got here. Just wondering if you are still looking for those 2 customer service agents for HoR? Are you open for hiring 2 girls from Manila Philippines, working remotely? You can trust us don’t worry. Let me know if you are interested, I hope you are.

    Take care mwah!

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