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People always ask me different ways to make money online. I like seeing new ways also, so one of the sites I visit everyday is the SitePoint Established Websites for Sale section. People post small and large interenet businesses for sale here everyday.

I don’t visit the page with the intent of buying any websites, but it’s a GREAT place to see different ways people have setup businesses and see how much they make. You’ll often see small side-projects people are trying to sell off, but you will also see the occasional big-time businesses being sold that makes tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Just something to keep in mind!

Blog posted on: August 19, 2007

3 comments on “Online Business Ideas

  1. Jonathan Ouellet has even more to offer than just the marketplace feature!

    This is actually my first comment on your website but I have to admit that I have been checking out you posts for a long while now, and I find them very interesting. Inspired to do something similar to what you and other people have been doing I just recently started a blog ( to document the progress of a clothing brand and company that I am in the process of starting up.

    The reason for my comment is that I have just made two posts in the last two days in regards to on my blog. I find that it is an amazing resource and I have been able to learn a lot from this site so far. The ‘Marketplace’ feature is brilliant, but there are two other features that I absolutely love, and those are the competitions section and the Forum.

    I am currently running a logo design competition (Silverback Apparel Inc) and within the day and a half its been running so far I have already received 48 submissions with some great results.

    The forum is an amazing feature of the site because it contains a wealth of information on a very broad selection of topics that involve monetizing your online development efforts.

    If you have the time, feel free to check out the post about my competition and the one about its progress of it.

    Best regards,

    Jonathan Ouellet.

  2. CC

    Hi Nev,

    I’ve been looking for a site just like sitepoint! I think this is helpful for would-be netrepreneurs to gauge how much net businesses are ‘worth’ and perhaps to come up with their own ideas.


  3. businesstechblog

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