Opening new Account

Since I am graduating soon, I will be hit up for cash in different places when I move and start making car payments.

I need to start new accounts for car payments and general expenses. I already have 6 accounts at Bank of America, and I have never once had a single problem or unpleasant experience with them. I have been blown away at their level of customer service and I really love their online banking system.

In addition to opening up these two accounts, I am looking at acquiring some of the Bank of America (BAC) stock within the next few months. Great company and a great stock!

Blog posted on: February 8, 2005

3 comments on “Opening new Account

  1. JLP

    My wife and I are thinking of switching from Wells Fargo to Bank of America (mostly because their customer service is great and they don’t charge for online banking). One advantage to BofA is that I’m pretty sure they are nationwide. So, if you have to move once you graduate, you will most likely be able to keep the same bank.

  2. KJK

    I’ve had a BOA account for little over a year now. Do most of my banking online, and use their online bill pay service often. Never had a problem with them.


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