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I moved this post to make way for my Starbucks Liquor Recipes Post.
Today was a pretty busy bussiness-day. I started out my morning with my daily stock research, followed by 3 hours of school. Immediately after class I jetted over to Morgan Stanley to meet with the head of the Austin branch. He graciously gave me a tour of the office and what they did there, and we talked stocks for quite some time.

I then spent some time with a friend talking about his business venture with 42-Below vodka. I then did a presentation for the University Investors Association about how to get started in stocks, and some of my personal picks which included: GE, PDCO, NWSB and FO.

Some interesting news concerning one of my stock holdings, Fortune Brands (FO), is their new line of Starbucks Liquor. They were testing it regionally, including here in Texas where I first tried it. IT IS AMAZING. I think it will easily take over Khalua as the most popular coffee-liquor.

Starbucks liquor rolled out nationally today, with Fortune Brands holding a big stake. Starbucks developed the liquor with Forutne Brands, and the distributor Future Brands, LLC (A company owned by Fortune Brands) will be the primary distributor. If the rest of the country agrees on how good Starbucks Liquor is, I think FO’s next earnings statement will look nice and green!

Quick Recipe:

–2 oz. Starbucks Liquor
–2 oz. milk
–Shake with ice and pour. Delicious!
–Blend with ice for a Frappuchino

Blog posted on: February 18, 2005

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