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I regulary check up on these blogs everyday to learn more about stocks, finance and life. For anyone looking to start investing, try reading these blogs as a start (but make sure you do your OWN homework also). Remember, if you like what they do, drop them a contribution every now and then!

Blog posted on: December 4, 2004

3 comments on “Other Financial Blogs I Read

  1. Anonymous

    Just a suggestion: You should change your links so that when a visitor clicks on them, a new window pops up. I like your blog, so I don’t want to drift away from it whenever I’d like to explore some website you’ve suggested.

    I’m 22 years old also and I just graduated from college, so I really identify with your struggle to compromise between school and building wealth.

  2. Ryan

    Anyone looking to invest but want to protect their inital capital investment should check out allstar-funds.com, its run by All Star Asset Management Ltd and currently has a fund open for investment, with a 8-12% Growth Rate, its capital protected by MacQuarie Bank, Visit their site for more info!

    I’ve recently invested in their company and its been plain salling ever since


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