The weekend was a blast, but more expensive than I had prepared for. I started the weekend with $78 in spending money, but ended up spending $105.

This is a first for me and unacceptable. For punishment, I am setting my spending account at $-27. No spending till it’s back in black.

Of all the fun things I spent my money on, this Ying Yang Chocolate Martini was probably the most delicious. It was almost painful to ruin such a work of art by drinking…..it was like eating a Picasso.

And of course it was also Independence Day. I had to reflect for a moment on all the people who paid the ultimate price for the freedom and opportunity I enjoy every single day.

And on an entirely different note, I think sombrero + 6th Street would be a good mix:

Blog posted on: July 6, 2005

13 comments on “Overspent

  1. Jose Anes

    We all make small financial mistakes.
    It is how we recover from them that defines us.

    I still remember my first (AND ONLY) margin call. It wiped a lot of money that I didn’t even had (plus the one I had once had).

    Keep the good practices you are sharing with us. We will succeed.

    Money and Investing

  2. Johnie

    No respectable man would ever drink a chocolate martini. Ever.

    But that does look good though :-)

  3. Neville

    Sombreros are one of the single most effective tension-cutting and conversation-starting tools the human race has.

    I’ve been very busy partying :-)

    The best teachers are Trial and Error (Yes, I know that quote is ripped off from elsewhere).

    You’re goddamn right I’m a cheap shit.

    Whether you respect me or not, I’ll still be ordering chocolate martinis! The respect of my taste buds is all I need!


  4. Tommy

    It almost sounds as if the world is about to end! Overspent $27! Oh NO! The horror!

    Damn I almost feel sorry enough for you to paypal you $27 but I really don’t.

  5. Neville

    Tommy, it IS the end of my world…..please PayPal me that $27 ASAP :-)

    Perhaps make it $29 because PayPal charges a fee to withdraw.

  6. Greedy Redneck


    Are you an alcoholic? Spending 27 dollars over budget is unacceptable!

    From what I have read on your site so far..

    1. You have a gambling habit
    2. You are a drunk
    3. You sleep with other people’s

    Is this how people act in India? Cause not here buddy….this is Bush country!

  7. J. Farlen

    Greedy Redneck. I think what Nev is doing is great. $27 may not be much money but it’s the moral value of it. Im not sure why you say Nev has a gambling habit, as he never seems to spend money gambling except on the lottery experiment. He also doesn’t seem like a drunk to me (although I think he likes to party alot!)
    The sleeping with boyfriends part, Im not sure what part of NevBlog implies that in the slightest sense.

    Keep up the good work Nev.


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