SF in August

For most of August I took a trip to San Francisco:

1.) Because it’s currently crazily hot in Austin and my brown skin can’t take it. SF weather is perfect for me.
2.) Because SF is the tech hub of the world.  Nothing even remotely compares.

So since I forget everything within a week, here’s some random pics from the trip so Future-Neville can remember it!

First stopped in San Diego:

Then arrived in SF:sf2

Sid The Dog picked me up:

Hung out at TheHustle offices:

Bought a scooter for the trip to ride around Glen Park:

Even had a little workout station at the house:

Took a few hikes.  Saw a dude selling refreshments on top of one of them!

Made a PitBullBurrito:

The WeWork at Civic Center was home to several work sessions:

Held an office hours from a little room there:

Gus the Dog:

….helping me write a story:


Met up with Chandler Bolt:

This pup!


Happy to go on a boat!

….then realized he hates boats:

Out on the Bay:

Drive-by of Alcatraz:sf20

Sam docking:

Classy boat dog:

Boat Dog at Angel Island:

Under the Golden Gate:

Dinner with Jordan Harbinger, Noah Kagan & Neville:

Dinner….we all ordered the same salmon dish!


Golden Gate Entrepreneur:

Austin friend JR:

Lunch with some entrepreneur peeps:

Had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen:

….and I totally ate it all!

Latenight WeWorking:

Went to the Founders Fund offices to hang:

….the lunch was awesome:

Blanket Bull:

Sid “guarding” my room and guitar:

Had Soylent’s new coffee version…was actually pretty good:

Some drunk guy bumped into our group, made awkward conversation, then left.  No biggie.  5 min later waitress brought us 25 shots…..that dude bought them for us for some reason.  Weird!

Working out of Facebook:sf40

Facebook lobby:

Facebooking….but the productive kind:

Drank Facebook coffee.  I’m 98% sure it was just regular coffee :)sf43

Upstairs at FB overlooking the other campus across the highway:sf44

Hangin with Stepan at FB:

The FB cafeteria:sf46

“What is this….a building for ants!?!”


PitBull Bookstand:

The Apple Store at Union Square is one of the best designed and architected retail spaces I’ve ever seen!

Rented a drop-top for cruising around the peninsula:sf50

Top up:

Hanging out with Steve Chou in Mountain View:sf52

Saw my buddy Ryan Holiday talk at Google:sf53

Google Nev:

Good times!

August 2016 Goals

New month.  New Goals!

Here’s the goals for August 2016:

August 2016 Goals

I was planning on staying SanFrancisco for all of August.  So from Aug 7th – 21st(ish) I’ll be in SanFrancisco.

I may-or-may-not stay the entire month.  Currently no planned return date.

This trip serves two purposes:
1.) It’s hot AF here in Austin right now and I could use a break from the heat.
2.) SanFrancisco-ish area is the mecca for all tech stuff, and it’s always fun to hang out with other techie people.

I’ll still be doing a lot of work when here, so it’s not really a vacation.


July 2016 Goals

July 2016 Goals:

july goals 2016

June was good, with a trip to Denver to speak and a trip to Chicago that lasted through part of July.

It’ll be a busy month!

New copywriting resources page

I’m a huge fan of this classic layout of “Image, Headline, Text”. In practice it looks like this classic “Man In A Hathaway Shirt” ad:

image-headline-text hathaway
The image captures the readers attention.
The headline allows them to decide if it’s something they’re interested in.
The text goes through the details.

Simple, elegant, & gets the point across!

In fact one of my favorite sites (Digg.com) has tested & iterated on this classic design to come up with a very user-friendly format for their stories:
Digg three level layout

So I decided to take a cue from their playbook and layout a bunch of my articles in a similar fashion.

Check it out:


Lol….it almost looks like a child who can’t draw very well made that page :-)

What I’m curious to find out is how it will perform compared to my old resources page that was an all-text format like:

This all-text page performed “just okay”. It wasn’t super interesting, it wasn’t very share-able, and the stats were pretty low compared to other “main” pages. The time spent on-page was very low in comparison to the rest of the site:

I shall collect the data for the new resources page over the next 3 months and report back!

For now, the new resources page is where I’ll update articles!

Neville Medhora – Kurious Kopywriter

June 2016 Goals

Here’s my June 2016 goals:

June 2016 Goals

Last month was super busy with the addition of the coding class I’m doing.  It’s pushing the boundaries of how much quality work I can get done per month myself.  Spending large parts of my days and nights on coding prevents other work from getting done.

However I still want to do this coding class….

When I first went to college in 2001 I wanted to major in computer science.

As you may recall, 2001 was a pretty big year in the internet bubble, and at the University of Texas at Austin over 17,000 students were applying for a computer science program with only 5,000 spots.

To manage that huge influx in applicants, they implemented a year-long “weed out” program where they put everyone through certain computer science classes, and only the top 5,000 students make it into the actual program.

I was one of the weeds :(

So I ended up getting a political science degree instead….which is essentially 100% worthless.
(To clarify, I think college = awesome…..political science = meh).


While I sucked at programming (in comparison to my much harder working student colleagues), I was constantly exposed to different technologies, computers, and in general got better than the average population at “computers”.

This allowed me to start a bunch of small businesses on the side, primarily on the web, and set them up quickly.  This better understanding I had at technology allowed me to execute things faster, and understand things better.  I would even hire my fellow students to complete programming tasks for me (and never paid over $50 for it)!

Last month I started a coding class in Austin.
In-person, two classes per week, 3+ hours each.

With additional homework, transit time, and brain capacity going into this, it’s taking up about 1/3rd of the total brain power I have dedicated towards KopywritingKourse.com articles and other content (if you noticed a slight slow-down in output lately, you know why).

I am taking this course for a few reasons:

1.) Probably as some sort of compensation for never hitting my aspiration of getting a computer science degree.

2.) My computer skillset is getting outdated.  A refresh is welcome.

3.) “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  When you learn about things you currently don’t know about, a whole new realm is opened up.  You learn different ways of doing things, understand the world better, and can spot opportunities others can’t.

4.) Cuz I wanted to.

5.) All these cool-ass new toys like Artificial Intelligence API’s and stuff are coming out all the time, and I don’t even know how to use them :::throws tantrum:::.  I enjoy building stuff and tinkering, and more and more of the stuff you can build nowadays is software-based.


May 2016 Goals

My goals for May 2016:

may 2016 Goals

1.) Going through this month and making sure I have created the best damn copywriting training in the world.  It’s not 100% there yet, but will be very soon.

2.) I’m starting a coding class with AustinCodingAcademy.  This is like a knowledge refresh for my coding skillset.  I prefer outsourcing coding to other who are far better at it, but knowing the basics and having a good understanding of coding repositories and platforms is always good.

It’ll be 3+ hours every Monday and Wednesday in addition to my normal workload, so that should be interesting.  Yikes :-|

Also this month I’ll be in San Francisco for HustleCon.  I’ll be in town from May 12th – 16th. I actually wanted to stay in SF for the entire month of May, but had to cancel that due to the coding class.

I will also try to continuously update my calorie intake on this public doc:


Public Food Journal

Hmmmm….let’s see if this works:

public-food-journal(Google Spreadsheet link)

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of ways to eat healthier.  What I’ve found personally works for me is tracking the amount of calories and grams of protein I eat per day.

This is actually far easier than it seems.  I generally just jot down whatever I eat on my daily to-do list then tabulate as I go.

I’ve tried several phone apps that do this…..but for some reason those haven’t yet kept me in the habit.

I’m giving this basic Google Spreadsheet a try for now :-)