Keeping Kreative with a 3D printer

So get this, a few weeks ago I took a 3D printing class!!

I haven’t learned any new skill in a while, so I thought this would be a fun nerd-activity.

I’ve been fascinated by 3D printing since around 2007, but only now are 3D printers become semi-reliable enough for home use.

Anywhoozle…..I Googled “3D Printing Class Austin” and found a place called TechShop that holds them:3d-print-test5

This TechShop was connected to a Lowe’s hardware store, and you can pay a monthly membership to use all the high end machine and manufacturing tools there like this:3d-print-test4

The class I enrolled in would teach you how to use a MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer.  You can see the Replicator1 (left), and Replicator2 (right):

Our instructor mainly showed how to use the cool-looking Replicator2:

The first step was to learn the software, so we all downloaded pre-existing .stl files from the internet and loaded them into the 3D printing software.  Here’s the little toy octopus gettin ready to print:

Once the file is sent to the printer, it starts printing out small layers of PLA plastic less than 1 millimeter thick.  Once it’s done with that first layer, it moves up and prints another layer.  It does this hundreds of times until a full object is printed out!

Here’s the printer in action using orange plastic:


Now I’d been wanting a 3D printer for a long time, and after taking the class I was dead-set on getting one….so I made a quick internet order for a MakerBot Replicator2.

I ordered a couple of spools of plastic filament and the MakerCare Insurance (because there’s like a 99% chance something WILL go wrong with the machine in less than a year).

I’ve also started downloading the printing software and experimenting/downloading objects from the internet.

The first thing I want to print are these 3D shot glasses which would be impossible to create with a lathe or laser cutter:
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.15.49 PM

I also just for fun wanna print a gun….now keep in mind it’s just a mold of a gun made out of shitty plastic with no moving parts….but the CRAZY thing is the file I’m printing from actually includes all the parts to make a gun (assuming you had a high-precision metal-printing 3D printer you could possibly make one):Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.17.11 PM

I also downloaded a bunch of other random cool stuff from Thingiverse for free.

I dunno exactly where 3D printing will go…..but the ability to create and print out highly complex objects from your home is going open up a WHOLE new plane of creativity like Apps did to smartphones.

It’s so cool to imagine that from my apartment I can manufacture things.  I mean….crappy things for now, but the technology will soon get better-and-better to the point where we’ll all be able to print out highly complex objects, machines, and circuitry.  SOOOO FREAKIN COOL!

Since I left college I’d always been trying to learn something new at all times….and lately I haven’t, so getting this excited about something new is very refreshing :)


Keep Kreative!
Neville Medhora

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    September 2013 Goals

    I usually like giving myself only a maximum of three goals, but there’s no particular time-frame for them (which personally helps me).

    So this month I’ve divided the goals up into week-long chunks.  I’m testing how this will work:


    WEEK 1: Apartment modifications
    I’ve always been only semi-satisfied with my previous workspace at my current apartment.  It was small, my legs would always hit the desk…and for some reason I was just LAZY at this desk.

    So I ended up buying an adjustable height Float table….it should be here in a couple of weeks:

    I was thinking this amount of money for a desk is INSANE since you can buy a nice desk for waaaayyyy cheaper….but this desk had unique engineering, simplistic elegance, and can easily go from a sitting-desk to a standing-desk in 2 seconds without moving stuff off the desk.

    ……oh yea, and I also bought a 3D printer!!! (a MakerBot Replicator 2).  More on that in a bit


    WEEK 2: NevBlog store up and running
    I’ve got so many different products and things I sell, but all in different places.  Need a place to consolidate that a bit.  Also need some semi-advanced functionality for some of these things, but I don’t want to build that myself.  So I’ve started using Shopify to build a NevBlog store.

    For a few days I was just CONSTANTLY comparing Shopify, BicCommerce and Volusion to see which platform would suite me best.

    BigCommerce actually had the functionality I wanted right out of the box, but was more bulky, hard to modify, and less intuitive to use (but it did have a lot of very good features I liked).

    Shopify was lightweight, SUPER easy to use.  It didn’t have the same digital delivery capability as BigCommerce, but I’ve found some work-arounds.


    WEEK 3: Products ported over.
    I’ll have to go individually through each offering I have and make sure it works with this new store.

    WEEK 4: Start life-changer NevBox.
    To be announced :)

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      I wish I was a hacker.


      I literally used to (and still do) day-dream about being a famous ethical hacker.

      I sort of was one a long time ago.

      In high school, I was able to gain access to the Novell security systems used by the school computers.  I was also in a special Cisco class where they taught us to create, modify, and break-in to computer networks.

      So I was able to hack into routers, gain teacher access to school computers, and do this totally anonymously.

      But I never used these nerdy superpowers to hurt anyone or be malicious.  In fact, I used to HELP school administrators clean up the servers from kids putting weird videos and such on the servers….or help with issues they would have.

      When I day-dream, I think of telling people at a dinner party, “Me? I’m a hacker.  But an ETHICAL hacker! I go to big organizations like NASA, GE, Facebook, Google and try to hack into their systems.  Then when I find a vulnerability, I tell them, and they pay me to help fix it!”

      I imagine myself making millions of dollars by ethically hacking into these systems.
      “Oh yeah, I found a loophole that would give me access to any Gmail account on Google, and showed Google how to fix it….they paid me $900,000 for a one-day consultation”

      I dunno….it just sounds so damn COOL to me.

      But alas that’s not my skill anymore.  I can’t program anymore, and realized in college I was WAY behind the curve in the world of computer programmers (in fact I got kicked out of the computer science program at UT in my first year there because I was SO sucky compared to others)!

      So my ambitions of being a super-hero hacker fell through because:
      1.) I suck at it….
      2.) I’m not willing to put forth the effort to become one….
      3.) I don’t really enjoy programing all that much, I just like the “idea” of it.

      But….something happened later in life around college where I discovered another super-power:

      Writing stuff, doing experiments, and reporting about them in a weird enough way to keep people interested.

      It sort of came naturally and by accident.

      Like….it was super easy to know what would be more interesting to others….which was the exact opposite of programming which was hard an un-intuitive to me.

      This was a Facebook post I saw from Michael Fishman which demonstrated this perfectly:

      Wow!  Well said Michael!  :::gives standing ovation:::

      When I made the KopywritingKourse, it just performed well, people learned, and subsequently lots of people made lots of money from what they learned in that course.

      It was easy.  It flowed.  it was FUN.  It was natural.

      My superpower had been exposed!

      Neville Medhora

      P.S.  I ‘m physically sending out five NevBox’s for this post…..just leave a comment on the post letting me know if you have a “super power”….even if it’s kinda dumb, and I might be shipping you a NevBox in the mail!  Would love to hear your superpower.  I read every comment.  (btw, you can’t buy NevBox’s anymore, and if you could, they would cost $97 each…so leave a comment below to enter to win)!

      P.P.S.  There’s a maid in my hotel room right now making the bed and cleaning stuff while I sit here and type….am I supposed to tip her??

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        Ashdin’s Birthday!

        A brother is a cool thing to have.  Especially when you get to pick on him when he’s little, then compliment him when he’s older ;-)

        Mine is turning 26 today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHDIN!

        Here’s a few things I’ve learned from my little brother: 

        I started playing the guitar in 8th grade, he started playing in 5th grade….

        I took private lessons, and got my instructor to teach me songs instead of music theory (which as an 8th grader is totally lame).

        Well whaddya know….APPPAARRAANNNTLY learning the foundations of music early on help you learn to play much better.

        Within the next few years my musical ability was playing 10 songs on the guitar….whereas my brother could now freely play ANY style of music quickly because he had the foundations down.

        This inspired me to start taking lessons and learn actual music theory and basics when I was 26.  After 10+ years of “knowing how” to play the guitar…..I finally learned chords and scales.

        Till this day he remains an order of magnitude better than me at guitar, and picks up other instruments with remarkable speed.

        Me & Ashdin practicing on some big-ass rented amplifiers to play at a friends wedding:

        I’m always impressed by his questioning of morals.

        He went vegetarian for a while in college, on the basis that if we could farm food, why eat animals.

        This isn’t necessarily the view of our meat-eating family, but he stuck to his guns and rolled with it until his mind changed.

        During this time my mom would cook different food for him (usually healthier food), and slowly this impact started spreading to the rest of us.

        I remember him talking to a family friend about his decision, and she was giving back counter-arguments about eating animals.  He asked her this one question:

        “How would you feel if we ate Trudy?” (their family dog).

        She got super upset at the question and repulsed by the idea.  While I don’t think that ever changed her mind, hearing her reaction made me laugh….and I’ll never forget how much that single question rocked her mentality.

        He could possibly be God.

        At 25 years old on this trip to India he looked SHOCKINGLY LIKE Zarathustra!!  (he’s like the Zoroastrian version of Jesus).


        I remember us having a hilarious conversation about our religion with some older family, and Ashdin said (paraphrased from memory):

        “So 5,000 years ago this guy goes into the desert, says he saw God, and now we worship him.  But if I went into the desert, and came back saying I saw God, people would think I’m crazy.”

        BAHAHAHA!!  It’s true.

        If you look at that picture above, Ashdin could’ve easily dressed in some robes, occasionally said some wise shit, and been the guy we worship 5,000 years later.


        Wish my brother a happy birthday in the comments, and I’ll select 5 people to send a NevBox!

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          August 2013 – Day 6

          Oye ve… was exhausting and very productive!

          The trick is to make a schedule that pushes you to get stuff done before you’re comfortable with the final result.  Otherwise nothing gets done.

          Here is a scratched off to-do list (and partial calories tracked for the day):

          photo (2)

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            doing dumb crap is good for you

            I used to do a lot of dumb crap that ended up becoming useful later on in life.

            I did these things just for fun.

            Maybe I was a nerd.
            Maybe I had too much free time.
            But they almost always translated into useful skills SOMEWHERE down the line.

            In high school I started to learn Photoshop for fun.  I illegally downloaded it and tinkered around.  Since I was a high school student around the year 2000, there wasn’t much use for it, so I used it for dumb things.

            I used to do crap like take pictures of my first car (a 1992 Mercury Sable) shown here:

            ….and I would Photoshop different rims and graphics onto the car like this:OOhhhhhh yeeeaaa Pimp My Ride!!!

            ….OK, clearly this was stupid, but by accident I started teaching myself Photoshop.

            Now I use Photoshop on a daily basis for….
            –Friends ask for images to be modified.
            –I can mockup spec-sheets for outsourcing really well (like this and this).
            –I can make website elements really quick.
            –I can make stuff for my blog and business instantly.
            –I can show a developer exactly what I want on a webpage.

            Through “stupid things” I also learned to:
            –Make webpages.
            –Make & use blogs and eCommerce systems.
            –Started to write.
            –Do handstands and backflips.
            ….and way more.

            So if there’s a dumb hobby you have, stupid thing you wanna learn….  GO DO IT and don’t worry if it’s “useful”!

            There’s always some useful application for it in the future!
            Neville Medhora

            P.S.  I still remember this picture being the favorite thing I ever Photoshopped in high school!

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              August 2013 Goals

              Here’s my goals for August 2013:

              August 2013 Goals


              I’ve been a little on the un-productive side last month, so to keep me on track, I’ll be trying to post my daily to-do list’s all scratched out on this blog.

              Hope you’ve got YOUR August goals set!

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