Party Crashing Fashion Show

I was informed about another charity event where many wealthy Austinites would be Saturday night for drinks, a fashion show, dinner and dancing. I always jump at chances like this to meet powerful people, so naturally I decided to crash it.

Crashing this party was a little different because it was black-tie attire only and held at a secure venue. Three days before I had a tuxedo tailored at K&G Men’s store. The entire ensemble including the tux suit & pants, cufflinks, bowtie and cumberbund cost me around $200 after tailoring. Not too bad, especially since there will be lots of black-tie events during the holiday season.

Now that I have a suit AND tuxedo, I’m properly outfitted to attend upcoming events. Looking the part really helps when attending a fancy-shmancy party. When I was checked at the front of the base, they checked my ID, saw I was wearing a tux, asked me if I knew where my table was (I said yes) and they handed me a gift bag filled with Grey Goose, assorted bottled waters, pens and all sorts of other goodies. “Bob” had given me a table name to use, I was wearing a tux, sounded like I knew where I was supposed to be and acted as if I belonged there…and it worked.

I pulled up to the event, and my car was valeted because there was no self-parking. A photographer at the front entrance took my picture by one of three huge tanks, and I asked him to also snap a picture with my own camera:

I ordered a martini, Grey Goose of course because they were partly sponsoring the party and began to mingle. I found the crowd very easy to talk to, and striking up conversations was simple, especially since UT had just won a football game an hour earlier.

After cocktails, the crowd entered a large aircraft hangar (I think) which was converted beautifully into a large fashion show runway. There was loud music playing and the whole place had a very New-Yorky feel to it.

After the fashion show, which was actually pretty cool, everyone was ushered to several enormous and connected tents for dinner, dessert and dancing. There was a silent auction, a live auction, and raffle. The main prize for the raffle was one of three Mercedes cars. I found out the event was being coordinated by the Four Seasons, so it was very nice, and MUCH more elegant than the pictures show:

I knew a few people before I came to the event, but their table was already full. Also, my whole goal of attending this was to meet NEW people, so after some mingling with the crowed I was invited to another table for dinner.

After desert, coffee and some dancing people started to leave. The valet area was around several M1 Abrams tanks….I couldn’t resist climbing on top of one and getting a picture!

I left the party with several contact numbers, new friends, some interesting business ideas, a full stomach and having had a great time.

I must remember to thank “Bob” who told me about the party in the first place. He’s one of the people “In the know” about all these events, and is always gracious enough to inform me about them and help me get in. He also introduces me to his well-established network of friends and mentors, he’s a really great guy…always smiling!

Blog posted on: October 24, 2005

30 comments on “Party Crashing Fashion Show

  1. Anonymous

    Nev I don’t know how do you do this. I even feel shy to go party with my own friends. :-(

    That’s why you’ll get rich, and I’ll be always poor.

  2. Scott

    Not to be a party-pooper, but let me get this straight: you put on a tux and sweet-talked your way onto a military base — because you “sounded like I knew where I was supposed to be and acted as if I belonged there?”

    Sheez, have we learned nothing?

    As I was reading your account, I was thinking, “That’s ballsy — I would have been afraid of being arrested for trying to sneak onto a federal reservation.” But, I guess that’s still not as big of an issue as it should be.

  3. tk_guy

    Thanks for the post Nev. Always entertaining and educational. Hey you mind putting up a linke to my blog? I got yours on mine. thanks

  4. Anonymous

    Great shot on the tank! Just curious – what’s your networking practice after collecting a bunch of business cards? Do you email those contacts within a few days?

  5. Anonymous

    Either Nev is fibbing a bit about “crashing the party” to liven up the post or the US is in a deep pile of sh*t. If what he says is true, then any terrorist could have driven in with a toxic agent and wiped out the elite of Houston.

  6. Anonymous

    I was at the party as well and Nev was wasted. I had a 10 minute conversation with him and all he kept rambling on about was how rich he was going to be. It was obvious to everyone that he was talking to that he didn’t belong. Lay off the Grey Goose by friend. Very sad…

  7. SCMartin

    Hey Nev, you must have had a good time. So much in fact that you are getting names wrong. You are thanking Bob, but you are standing beside Jack from Jack in the Box. By the way, you should blog about meeting him, did you two go out for some eats after?

  8. Neville

    I was tipped off by “Bob” about the party several days before. He was the one who informed me to buy a tuxedo, where to go for the party and how to get in. I def. have him to thank for giving me names of people that would help me get in.

    Anon 2,
    I used to be somewhat shy about talking to people. Just remember that for the most part, people are very nice. If you just start talking to someone, they will generally talk back. A big reason I go to events like this is to further my people skills.

    K&G has been pretty great for me so far. I’ve never paid much more than $200 over there, and that’s AFTER custom tailoring.

    Anon 3,
    Bob def. got me in.

    Anon 4,
    If I get contact information from someone, I will generally email them the next day at least saying it was a pleasure to meet them. It really depends on the situation.

    Anon 5,
    What you are saying is true of any event. It CAN be done, but it hardly happens. Don’t be so afraid all the time.

    Anon 6,
    HA!! You saw me at the party and talked to me for 10 min as I rambled about how rich I was going to be? I think I’d remember :-)

    I put Jack over Bob’s head for anonyminity purposes….and it just looks funny.

  9. Anonymous

    So, you have not crashed the party. Someone helped you get in. THAT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.
    I have seen you taking too much credit for other folks’ work and efforts before, and you have done it again. You are nothing but a puffed up ball. You always have some partner that came up with the idea. Big Deal!!!!
    You collected used pens on the campus on your own though. Nice business idea that was.
    It is almost November, how is that 7K/month income going to happen?

  10. Maxim

    The Anynymous guy above me is so vicious, I almost admire it in a weird kind of way. Dear Anonymous above this comment, come to my site and plaster your 40×40 pixel ad, and I’ll double your pay to … $2.

  11. Anonymous

    716 anon is right on…Nev is a complete BS artist. He did not “crash” anything…someone helped him get in to the party….BFD.

    Oh, and I notice only 3 days to jump on the pixels before they double in price…and boy, are they selling like hotcakes!

  12. Anonymous

    Two anonymous people before me,

    I honestly don’t see one thing wrong with Nev being helped into the party. In fact, the whole point of networking with people above you is for their help, expertise and knowledge which you don’t already possess.

    Also, ideas are like the old addage says: A dime a dozen. Who cares if he has a partner or not. I really enjoy reading Nev’s blog, and obviously you do too…so why do you continue to flame it? If you don’t like Nev, then go away. His adventures have no direct effect on you.

    It shows that Nev made $1,100 for doing very little. So even if all his pixels didn’t fill up, he is still walking away with a good chunk of money and some experience to boot!

  13. "Bob"

    Ok all you “Anonymous” haters, listen up. This is “Bob” and yes I told Nev about the party, and yes I “helped” him in. What you all fail to realize is that Nev is the one who got himself in. Yes I helped him with dates, times, attire, but he is the one who took the information and executed it. Just like the pixel art ad’s, everyone knows what they are and yes anyone can do them but have you… NO. Nev pulled it off, put it up and brought in real cash.

    So how about all of you put a sock in it and just let Nev do his thing. As they say, a person with a great idea is NOT an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur is the person who takes the idea (no matter where it came from) and executes it, making it happen.

    Nev, I look forward to the next black tie event. Just leave the Grey Goose bottles this time behind.

    Keep up the great job.


  14. "Bob"

    Hmmm…that’s really interesting…there’s another “Bob” masquerading as me, it seems! Well, anyway! Nev, I must say I was pretty impressed with how you carried yourself at the party! It just goes on to show that with some effort and passion, you can go a long way. Keep up the fabulous work, Nev, and we’ll meet up later sometime.


  15. Tim MMF

    That’s pretty cool. The Abrams tank is pretty nice. I was in the service so I’ve been around some cool vehicles. Anyway, keep making those contacts.

  16. Anonymous

    I am an entrepreneur too. I built and sold a company to Intuit a few years back. I am working on another start up company. I need to find a way to get a meeting with Herb Kelleher somehow. I want to partner with Southwest Airlines. I think they will love the idea because it will generate millions of dollars of profit for them for no work. I want to start my conversations with Herb. Can we talk on the phone this week to brainstorm how I might be able to meet him? You seem to know how to get to him. I’ll pay you for your help/advice. Email me:

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  18. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but does anyone else find this guy immature. Yes, it is great to meet and to network, but you can’t be the sleaze bag that weasels in. You have to understand that being self made is great partly because of the respect you will gain. You can only gain that respect if you have integrity, which obviously he is lacking. He is acting like a college student sneaking in to a club meeting to get free pizza and then high-fiving his friend as they both sneak out with a slice, sneakering.

    There are ways to be respected and rich and you are not currently on the right track to gain the respect for high earners who are self made. You will never be part of the club if you continue to act like this. Of course, you might not want to be part of the club, then you can continue to be a weasel.

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