Pete Coors of Coors Brewing Company

The University of Texas brought Peter Coors to speak last week and I got a chance to attend. He is the current chairman of Coors Brewing Company. 20 minutes before the speech I Googled everything I could about Mr. Coors, and not to be mean, but he wasn’t my type of person.

The business people I most admire are the ones who start with very little and turn it into something great. Pete Coors is a 3rd or 4th generation family member who was handed his company. Of course there is a great amount of work in building upon a family business, but it’s not something I am familiar with or have much interest in. However I would have loved to meet his great, great, great grandfather Adolph Coors who started the whole thing from nothing.

I enjoy hearing inspirational stories of how people took nothing and turned into something despite great odds. However the focus of this talk was how the family runs and passes on the business. Not a bad speech, just not my cup of tea….althought it was rather dry.

After the speech, I didn’t particularly want a picture with him, unless I could hold up the Coors beer can I brought to the speech. This wasn’t nearly bad as the Wild Turkey Whiskey and cigarettes picture with Herb Kelleher!

However I was told by lots of people who had met him before that he wouldn’t do it. Naturally I didn’t listen to them and tried anyways….but I was flat out denied to take the picture with the beer can. I found this funny that I couldn’t take a picture with his own product.

It was a “decent”speech, and a little different…to hear about such an OLD company that is still run by the same family. I didn’t really pick up any useful information to share other than some small company facts which can be easily found on the company website.

Blog posted on: November 6, 2006

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  1. Anonymous

    Usually family business don’t survive the third generation, unless it’s somehow passed on to a professional manager. So saying that is easy to be the chairman of a company ‘your daddy’ gave you, shows that you have no idea what your talking about. You should try to run a company someday. I bet you won’t go far…

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous, It’s true that many companies don’t survive the third generation, but that’s true of most companies, regardless if they are family companies or not. This was also a brewery, so they just happened to be in the right business with a product that never went out of style. I go to UT and saw the Coors guy speak, and I see what Nev means.

  3. Will

    Hi Nev.

    Just a quick note to say I sent you an email, in case I sent it to an address that you don’t check very often.

    – Will.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with 6:23 am anonymous. I am, personally. more suprised that any business manager would be willing to take a goofy picture with Nev. Given how these end-up looking and how they are used. Nev seems to have a rather glamorous, party-like image of business when in fact most business is hard work, 24/7/365. Not every good manager is a good speaker nor is he/she an extrovert like Herb K.


    “It’s easy to be chariman of the company when daddy gave it to you!”

    Really? Have you asked Bill Ford about this recently?


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