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My worst purchase ever is gone…and it took accidentally destroying it to happen.

Since I bought the phone in March 2006, I’ve paid Verizon Wireless $2,117 . This includes the phone, added features, overage charges, taxes, stupid fees and finally my cancellation charge for breaking the contract.

All that money for only 8 months of phone service.

In no particular order, here are the moves I’ve made in this process:

The interesting part is one day after I filed my insurance claim for a water damaged phone, the phone started working again! At this point I had already switched back to Catherine Zeta Jones and bought a regular $50 phone and a $50/month plan. The insurance company has already sent me a brand new phone, so I now have a brand new Treo 700P to sell and recoup some of the money paying for phone service.

Insurance fraud? Possibly….but not really.

I’ve definitely downgraded phones, and it’s not so bad. My new phone (Samsung t509s) makes calls and sends text messages, which is what a cell phone basically needs to do.

I do however feel a bit lost without the appointment feature on the old phone, and text messaging goes A LOT slower without a QWERTY keyboard!


Blog posted on: November 14, 2006

15 comments on “Phone Gone – Neville Happy

  1. me2press

    Cell phone service is expensive. I was paying over $100 a month for my cell phone and wifi service from my cell phone provider. I just changed plans and hope to see some savings. I no longer have call display which I do miss. If I was to ditch this company right now they want a couple hundred bucks to end my contract, but I will soon and go for pre-paid company like virgin. The only thing I need to figure out is the wifi. I need to keep the wifi right now so I am not sure how to get another provider.

  2. Hakim

    Smartphones are useful for these features:
    - Full Outlook contact sync
    - Full Outlook calendar sync with helpful reminders
    - Qwerty keypads
    - Ability to view text and html files

    You really dont need to drop 700$ to get these features. I bought a cheap GSM smartphone for 130$ on Ebay. It has all the essential features and best of all no contract attached!

    I really like my smartphone and it’s quite useful to carry in your pocket your full outlook contacts.

  3. Anonymous

    Awhile back, I bought a cell phone through Cricket Communications. Cricket is a local cell phone company but they have national plans too. I used to be on a pretty good plan.

    Unlimited long-distance and local calling for $35.99 per month. In addition, I didn’t have to sign a contract. Woohooo!

    Now, I don’t have a cell phone because I use Skype instead. Free nationwide calling and to Canada for now at least. I figure I save about $480.00 per year.

    More than 900 FREE WordPress themes!

  4. Investorblogger

    I thought I paid a lot at about $6 a month + call charges… Perhaps not.

    Gotta read those contracts, let the ‘cooling off’ period be exactly that!

    Really, though, I bought an expensive phone (for me that is) with mp3, camera, contacts, notetaking and appointments, etc… In truth, mp3 software is crap, the camera resolution isn’t great, the note taking/appointment features are pitiful. And syncing isn’t great either.

    So All I use it for is txts and calls. For those it’s about fine.



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