Physical Activity + Productivity = Good

When I am productive AND physically active during a day, I feel great. I don’t feel good if I’m only productive or only active.

I’ve recently had a busy schedule:
-Wake up, class till 2:30pm.
-Work on business projects w/ associates away from campus.
-6:30pm – leave associates, go to job from 7 till 10:00pm.
-Workout till 11:00pm.
-Go home, eat my first meal of the day.
-Do a little more work, wrap up the day, sleep.

While I’ve theoretically been productive all day, I don’t FEEL it. This is because my workouts are not intense enough or long enough these days, they are also late at night. A combination of not eating and entire days spent working on a computer leave me feeling weak and unmotivated at the gym.

I’ve got a lot of bus riding and car driving in my schedule now. This needs to stop.

I am going to cut out my 4 mile bus rides to campus and start riding a bike (which I need to buy). Going to and from campus everyday will now be an 8 mile roundtrip by bike. This can replace the cardio portion of my workouts.

For this plan to work, I need to:
-Wake up earlier
-Eat a PROPER breakfast
-Buy a bike

Blog posted on: June 22, 2005

6 comments on “Physical Activity + Productivity = Good

  1. Colin Rowley

    Quick tip: If you want a fairly nice bike for a good deal, you must check out They have a ton of repossessed bikes for sale – somre really nice. Shipping is usually from a warehouse for around $35 avg, thus keep that in mind. Still, you should be able to score a very nice bike for less than $100. Where else could you find a better deal than that?

  2. FMF

    One warning on getting a bike: it can be addictive. I got one last year and now I’m riding in several 100-mile rides (centuries) this summer!

  3. Neville

    I’m thinking of going for a regular ole’ Walmart bike. I’ve had Walmart bikes in the past, and they’ve actually lasted very well, even through the tons of abuse I give them.

    I was refering to the job I’ve had for a while now. I am a proctor in the 5th floor computer lab in the Law Library on campus. I only work at night, so I basically get to sit here and do whatever I want (No one is here at night!)
    I also get free printing, office supplies, a 4-room office and 50 computers at my disposal.

    I used to bike ALL THE TIME back in Houston. The reason I don’t anymore is because I don’t have a bike in Austin. I did mainly off-road riding for an hour or two everyday.
    I LOVE biking in the rain and mud…especially at this nearby bayou bayou. I would come back home covered in brown mud and green bayou scum….pretty gross…but extremely tiring and oh-so-fun!

    Beleive it or not, I used to have a 6-pack stomach through lots of hard ab work and rigorous running. Lately I am not getting the cardio workout I need to get that 6-pack again….so now I will be FORCING myself to get it.

    No pain, no gain.


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