Quick Update

My stock portfolio has gone into the 5-digit range in the last few days. Here is my portfolio as of Wednesday, 6-8-2005. The main factor in this is Dynegy (DYN). It keeps going up about 3% per day. I went from a 25% loss to a 9% gain in a few days.

Also, Thursday morning I will be crashing an exclusive entrepreneurial convention. “Bob” tipped me off that some pretty important people will be attending and speaking. I’ve got my suit ready, a black portfolio, business cards and a fake name tag….lets see if I can pull this off!

Blog posted on: June 9, 2005

10 comments on “Quick Update

  1. BVI

    Well, good luck on that!! See if you can sneak in a camera as well and take discreet photos of the event :-D. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Jose Anes


    Every investing milestone is remembered forever.

    I still remember my first mutual fund, then my first stock, then my first house, my first stock options, then my first 5 digit ammounts on each, 401k and taxable stocks. Then my first margin call (ehhh, that wasn’t fun – but it is worth remembering), then my second home. My first time over the six digits in both 401k and taxable.

    All important deadlines.

    Keep on track towards finantial independence!

    Congratulations again!

    Money and Investing

  3. Jose Anes

    Unfortunately, regular Ameritrade.
    When I started investing (long, long time ago), Ameritrade was the only one available.

    Now I am thinking about switching… But I wonder if it is worth it.
    Would they lower regular Ameritrade to, lets say $8 a trade someday?

    I am not a day trader. I do use the tools provided in the regular Ameritrade.

    I think I could save around $60 a year if I switch. I am still not sure about how much I would value the tools. I get level II quotes. I get research, live tools, etc.

  4. Smarty

    Do you have to pay extra for Level II quotes from Ameritrade? Are the Level II quotes useful?

    I have iZone and Scottrade. iZone used to be FreeTrade where the trades were free (up to 20 per month). I guess the idea of free trades didn’t work out so AmeriTrade moved everyone to a new system called iZone. Still, trades are among the cheapest, $5/trade. If you trade often, it’ll be worth it. iZone doesn’t provide a streamer unless you want to pay more, so I just use the one on Scottrade. haha…

    Growing Money

  5. Anonymous

    level 2 quotes are only important to very active traders(mostly daytraders) and usually don’t help much


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