Quitting Law School Job

As things get busier for me, my time has become more valuable. I currently work at the UT Law School in the 5th floor computer lab. I got the job to do precisely nothing, which allows me time to do homework, business etc.

It’s a do nothing job so long as I work night hours. You can see how empty the 5th floor gets at night in this video clip:

do nothing job video

My evenings have become my primary time to run errands, meet people, get work done etc, so my work schedule is becoming an interference.

To solve this, I am quitting. On average I get a $250 paycheck every two weeks, less than a single, low maintenance business of mine brings in. It wasn’t bad pay, considering the most I’ve ever done at the job was this:

I will now have to live without that extra $500 per month, but I will make up for it with some upcoming businesses (One of which I missed the launch date of August 28th).


In other news, I turned in the Dalai Lama Press Application in preparation for my attempt to take a picture with the Dalai Lama. I had a very busy morning, so I scribbled down some information using NevBlog and Weblogs Inc. as publishing editors. At the office, I told them I was a freelancer. I’m sure they will check this site out and see what is REALLY going on!

Also, my next personal business has a new launch date of September 9th, 2005. I am currently outsourcing some writing and doing the proper research to get it up and running.

Blog posted on: August 30, 2005

7 comments on “Quitting Law School Job

  1. Jose Anes

    Good luck on your new business ventures.

    I live with less risk than that. I just keep my day job until I have amassed enough to be financially freedom (from my job and other ventures).

    Money And Investing

  2. Anonymous

    I just came across your blog by googling business ideas.
    I live in NYC and looking for a business to start here..if you have any great ideas drop me a line. i like the media rails idea and can maybe have the machine made in latinamerica.
    good luck with your free time to create new biz.
    my email: renzogrande@gmail.com

  3. Anonymous

    I just found your site while looking for biz ideas…great site by the way. It’s an inspiration to start my own since I also have some ideas around but never get to go through with all.
    I live in NYC and im looking for a biz idea..i liked the media rails thing and maybe can have the machine made in latinamerica..
    drop me a line: renzogrande@gmail.com

  4. E

    See, you’re a lucky kid Nev, you can quit your job whenever you want. Most people must keep working to fulfill financial needs, but the $26,000 war chest you have built in the bank allows you to control your time rather than a job.

    Your success seems like luck to some, but it is the culmination of all your hard work and dedication to actually doing something usefull with your time. So many naysayers attribute success with luck without looking back and seeing the many failures and obstacles of the past.


    P.S. What is your new business, I think we’d all like to know!


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