Real Estate

One area I have always been interested in is real estate. I have some experience, and plan to make a purchase soon.

For any of you interested in buying/selling houses, a great place to start is:
Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures

I’ve been reading his blog for a while now and really enjoy it. He also has some great articles on how to get started.

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    Blog posted on: February 25, 2005

    One comment on “Real Estate

    1. property management

      Hi I’ve a “accidental” rental property that is mortgaged through Wells Fargo and was denied in advance of for the HARP loan through Wells on account of change in owner occupancy, in reading the q&a’s
      I see that your saying they have changed guidelines and Wells can now accommodate me??
      If so Do you possess a contact there who knows about the Harp program, I find they are hard to
      come by and want to go straight to someone who knows instead of filtering through multiple people.
      I appreciate any info you can provide me!!


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