Resumite Sold, I’m $145 Richer was put on sale a few days ago, and now the auction is over.

Total I made was

So all in all Resumite for me wasn’t a failure, but not necessarily a stellar success either. It was something that had potential, but it just wasn’t in my interest or right timing.

All in all I learned something and made a little money. End of that saga!

Like most of the little sales like this, I put the money away:
30% – Bills Account
30% – Investment Account
20% – Permanent Savings
10% – Spending Account 1
10% – Spending Account 2

Blog posted on: February 22, 2007

10 comments on “Resumite Sold, I’m $145 Richer

  1. Anonymous

    I love your wealth creation progress tracker – well done.
    I personally look after my family budget and all spending items need to be accounted for so that at any point in time you know where you are. Requires discipline but that’s the only way.
    To help you with budgeting I’d recommend a personal finance software by Australian business Parcus Group.
    Easy to use program with features including budgeting, financial planning, real estate analysis, shares valuation, life insurance…
    Costs US$24 so it’s not a huge investment but absolutely great value for money.
    You can get it on

  2. Anonymous

    Not to be nit-picky, but your actual profit is likely a bit less than what you’ve stated. You didn’t factor in the annual domain registration fees you paid to hold this domain for the last few years.

  3. Patrick

    doesn’t look like he can take the heat. part of success is having people being critical of you either because they’re jealous or because they expect much more from you than others.

    People should be more constructive in their criticism on here not look at it as their own personal tirade to rip someone else a new one.

    Understand why you’re pulling the comments section, Nev, but i still think you should take the high road. (after all…even the negative comments are still comments…orto be more blunt, they may be critical but they’re still reading…)

  4. Neville


    I never cared about negative comments, but I must spend time reading comments and sometimes responding to them.

    I removed the comments section because most comments are mainly a waste of time. Like this one.

    They get nothing accomplished and offer no help to anyone, which is sad because sometimes they’re good.

    Look at the 3 comments before yours. One is some guy trying to hock his website, one is someone who just wanted to open their mouth for the sake of saying something (but should have left it shut) and one is someone saying the previous two comments were useless (at least that guy was right).

    Then there was yours, and mine responding to it. I had to look at each of these comments, think about whether or not to respond, look at the profiles, and in your case respond.

    Did all of this hubbub help ANYONE?? Has it helped me?? Not at all, in fact it just wasted my time. Has it helped anyone reading this site? Not a bit.

    The comments for now aren’t congruent with NevBlog’s purpose, so they have been removed.


  5. Anonymous

    Good grief, Nev. You are so lame. Look at your own comment…it, like your posts and your blog, is filled with spin and inconsistencies.

    Quite simply, there is no good reason to turn off your comments…unless you don’t care what people think of you (unlikely, as you are an attention whore), or can’t deal with what people think of you.

  6. Anonymous

    Like I said, Marco…or should all comments only be those posted by Nev’s ass kissers, who fail to recognize the absurdity of the author of a blog titled “Neville’s Financial Blog” listing his “change jar” as a source of income.

    Or failing to figure in the holding costs (let alone the cost of his time) regarding his “profit” from the sale of resumite.

    Or failing to notice that Nev runs around the blogsphere posting comments on every blog he can find pointing back to his own blog, yet turning comments off at his own blog.

  7. Financeguide101

    Your Bodymonkey is cool…..well I liked that shirt…..

    P.S. Well you have reasons to remove comments. But it’s going to be nice to allow some people who want to share something with you. Anyway can’t you just remove anonymous comments……



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