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In the quest to earn more from several online businesses I am a part of, I’ve been searching for ways to improve sales & service.

A piece of software that was recommended was LivePerson. It’s actually pretty amazing. It primarily allows you to offer “Live Chat” on your website, but I’ve found its website tracking features to be more impressive.

You can view in real time exactly what a customer is doing on your website. The second they click “Add to Cart” or on a new product, you can see them doing it. The software then keeps all these statistics. It also shows you in real time how they found your site or what keyword they found your site with.

I installed LivePerson on House Of Rave and it’s pretty amazing to watch people rummage through the website. I can also see what city they are from, how long they’ve been browsing the site, if they are a returning visitor etc…

I will start offering Live Help on HoR very soon. But for now, I’ve noticed a large amount of customers find the site from the free videos and pictures, then end up browsing and buying.

If it’s videos and pictures that people want, then I’ll give them even more, perhaps even enable some sort of system to discuss and rate the vids/pics. The free demo of LivePerson helped me really see how people browse HoR.

The problem with LivePerson was the price. About $100/month for the most basic package. I did some more research and found some cheaper services….the only other one I liked was BoldChat.

BoldChat has similar software and features, but was much cheaper than LivePerson:

I’ve signed up for BoldChat, and will use it for a month to decide if it’s worth it. I ordered the full package which costs $79/month.

Hopefully integrating these systems will be one more step towards boosting HoR profits to the $5,000/month level.

Blog posted on: January 17, 2006

44 comments on “Review of Live Chat Programs

  1. Mason

    Whenever I visit a website, having the option to Live Chat makes the website 10 times more credible in my mind. Sometimes I will call the phone number of the website to see if it’s legit before purchasing, but live chat makes me skip that step.

  2. personal finance advice

    It will be interesting to see if it pays off. Do you think a month is long enough to be able to tell if the payoff is there? Certainly if it significantly increases sales, but if that doesn’t happen the first month, might want to do some tinkering to see if you can use it anothr way before giving up on it if you are as impressed as you say.

  3. Sammy

    Ditto on the LiveChat. It’s always great to know if I need help or have a question, I can simply ask on the spot, but as far as tracking visitors, etc… I like StatCounter. It does everything you described, minus the live chat.. and it’s FREE. They offer additional features, for a fee, but the free stuff is great.

  4. jesse

    Statcounter only offers a log of the last 100 visits which is basically nothing if you have even a small site. Their pricing is pretty reasonable to upgrade to a couple thousand.

    Google analytics offers quite a few nice features as well – and they’re free and track EVERY visitor – with no cap.

  5. Michael Patzer

    What kind of liabilities are involved in running HoR? If the item arrives broken or something, do you handle it, or the supplier? Also, do you have business insurance?

  6. Anonymous

    I will have to recommend these pieces of software to my developer friends. They’ve got computer skills, but no business sense!

  7. Neville

    I used to use Adwords occassionally, and I still may have a campaign or two running, but they hardly bring in anything per month. Search engine traffic is my primary method of bringing people into the site!

    If something is broken upon arrival, the fulfillment company generally takes care of it depending on the circumstance. Sometimes I lose some money on shipping it back and forth, but that’s business!

  8. My Purple Cow


    That LiveChat software is pretty cool. I didn;t think it monitored that much stuff. Very interesting..I may keep it in mind for my websites


  9. Mailzas


    There are some free systems. But I like to buy system for better support etc.

    And buying that system is only half way. From “half-passive” mode You will change to active. If You will be responsible for handling chats with customers.

    I would recomend to You hire someone part time to handle chat with customers for you. And You from time to to just review logs.

    Hiring of course many time sucks, lot of people are not responsible, but it’s the only way to make seriuos money.

  10. Anonymous


    If you are considering hiring someone. You can hire my company to look after chat requests.


  11. Neil McGeehan


    Before I had read your whole post, I was going to tell you to check out BoldChat, they are great alternative to LiveChat. I’m glad you found them, and I can’t wait to see you reach you’re goal of $5000/month. Keep it up.


  12. Alpha


    I had a quick question about your house of rave site. I have a few friends with computer knowledge (comp sci/engineering majors). Anyways, they had some free time and were thinking of starting an online company.
    Could you talk a little about the time when you started the company? For instance, how were the first few months? When did you become profitable?


  13. Jesse

    The liveperson option to “engage” should be labled “scare away” because that’s what it does to your customers.

  14. Dan

    eStara, the world’s leading click to call provider, today announced the launch of it’s “click to chat” text chat customer service application. The move makes them the first company to fully integrate text and voice capabilities for connecting buyers and sellers.

  15. yaodownload2006

    Using glChat you can host your own private chat sessions without joining any Internet chat services. No longer do you have to worry about anyone spying on your conversations or interruptions from any outside sources. glChat utilizes advanced encryption techniques combined with user configurable encryption keys and network port numbers. Use glChat today and chat with secure confidence.

  16. Call center

    I have a website I am using Live Chat on that. Can you suggest mor eand better Live Chat programs. The problem with mine is that I can take only one Chat at one time. Creates a lot of problems since the other visitors get a prompt that we are offline.

  17. Call Center India

    The PHP Live chat program by Turnkey tools is a good one. Its got good tools and options. Makes it really user-friendly.

  18. Stainless steel kitchen utensil

    I have used live person on a friends website. Works great. Didnt really try anything else after that. Very happy with it.

  19. Medical Questions

    A website having a live chat option makes it worth trusting. But I have had many experiences when it didnt really work when I tried to chat with someone there. It always said that the agent is not available.

  20. Submit Site

    Medical questions has it right here. Is it possible that some people just put up the links to gain crediblity but dont really have the software to back it up?

  21. Resume Samples

    Live person works really well. Tried it after reading about it here. The statistics it gives are amazing!

  22. Hidden Smileys

    Wow! is it possible to really gather that much data? If it works the way u have described, its much better than anything else I have seen.

  23. Anonymous


    Liveperson works really well.

    We surveyed several products for our directory but nothing comes parallel to livePerson. Though others are also good, liveperson has its reputation of robust software and consistently outstanding performance.


    Hi Neville,

    I found your blog through an old post you wrote about trying out LivePerson and BoldChat. It was written at the beginning of 2006, and so I’m curious for a follow up. How did you like BoldChat? Are you still using them?

    We offer a 24/7 live chat service built especially for small business online. was built around a concept we call “hybrid support,” which means that you can use the ClixConnect Operator Console to connect with your site visitors as much as you want for free, and pay only when ClixConnect helps out.

    We’re making 24/7 live chat sales support accessible and affordable for everyone. You can try us out free for 14 days, risk free. We won’t even ask for a credit card.

    I hope this message finds you well. Thanks for your time.

  25. Anonymous

    Beware of BoldChat if you plan on using the premium features, such as email management. Tech Support was unresponsive and, if one email account exceeds 100 MB, all email accounts freeze. Chat works well – but you cannot export a contact list or any other data once it has been imported. Their support staff has to do any import – mine took them TWO WEEKS – and only because I kept haunting them. They claim my email and spreadsheet attachment were “misdirected.” Bought the three-month package – will NOT renew.

  26. John the Mac user

    What if I don’t use Windows as my main operating and work environment? Boldchat and LivePerson only support XP and Vista.. I found a great solution for cross platform users called VersoChat.

    It is a web based app – your CSRs login through their web browser and thats it! No installations on your computer needed. And the best thing, they are pretty cheap compared to other live chats.

    The only issue I found was a lack of co browsing, but who uses it anyway? In my business I find it useless.

    1. GotLiveChat Employee

      There are a few free live help applications out there; depending on whether you want to run the server software/database on your server (or the providers). We host the server software/db portion, making it easier for websites to implement live help (as the only requirement is small inclusion of html on each page to track).

  27. matty

    I was looking for a live chat operator for my compnay site and have a few like but so far has been the most fluid to my needs. I know this post is old but your thoughts here were very informative. any thoughts or knowledge on the above company? thanks

  28. Micky

    Live chat really helps boost sales and adds a good reputation to a website.I find it satisfying when people browsing my website are happy with my service because of the fast response they get for their queries. Live247Support has really been helpful in increasing my revenue by being helpful to my visitors and customers, they are worth my investment. If your thinking of having a live chat in your website. I would recommend them, add them ( ) to your comparison list. I hope this one will be helpful…

  29. David Wiliam

    Thanks for sharing your view. I was looking for live chat solution to implement on my website and blogs. But none of live chat software suits to my budget as I was looking for live chat software solution that come under $10 per month subscription. Then I make some research and find eassistance Pro live chat solution that comes with $7 per month subscription and they are offering 1 month trial. I have used their trial, and impressed with live chat performance and now using their enterprise version. I personally recommend you to use their trial version first. Download eassistance live chat solution from

  30. Jason

    We use they have several products in one, including Live Chat, Help Desk Ticketing, and Visitor Tracking.

    We love their footer bar that incorporates the live chat and ticketing.

    I would recommend them because their product can be custom styled to any color to match your website and it looks great.. Plus it is very affordable with some free options available.

    I hope this helps.

  31. Daniel

    I tried many chat software services but finally subscribed Live2Support. I subscribed gold package while some other offer silver or bronze on the same price. The best part of Live2Support is 24/7 customer support and 99.9% uptime. Features are amazing.

  32. Ian H

    Nice review here. Check out SYNCRO at Rather than having to sit in front of your computer all day, you can take your website chat on the go by communicating to website visitors via text message with your mobile phone. Lot’s of great metrics in our dashboard, too!


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