Roots of this blog

I started NevBlog for one reason:

To track my finances.

In 2004 there were limited ways to do this, so the chronological order of a blog made the most sense.

So NevBlog was born.  You can see it here in all it’s glory thanks to the WaybackMachine!

NevBlog then:Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.20.31 PM


NevBlog now:
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.20.20 PM


Through the magic of the internets, people somehow would stumble upon my blog and read it.  The blog was a side-project for fun and documentation.

Somewhere along the way business somehow got mixed up with it.  Which is fine, but moves the blog away from it’s roots.

I think in the next year I’ll be switching that up.  I’ve started posting kopywriting stuff on a different blog now:

It’s still in the infant stages and will be changing a lot.  But it’ll be nice to separate this stuff from NevBlog stuff.


And I REAAALLLYYYY miss that little column on the original NevBlog where’d I’d track all my finances.  THAT was cool :-)

Blog posted on: July 17, 2014

7 comments on “Roots of this blog

  1. Jack Reamer

    I actually think your personal posts (cuba story) adds to your copywriting articles/courses. Sure it’s usually unrelated to “business.” But it makes you stand out from other dry, business-type blogs. Plus, it’s fun to read and keeps me coming back to your site.

    I see noah and writes about personal stuff & marketing too. ( Why would you want to change that?

    And if you could go back to 2004… before you started nevblog…Would you have started 2 separate blogs? What would you do differently?

  2. Josh Ludin |

    I think a trend you’ll notice with successful personal finance bloggers is the personal touch added helps a ton. It’s easy to google advice on personal finance, and a lot of the content is similar, but when somebody opens up, it makes readers want to come back.


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