Ryan Deiss ripping apart biz ideas

I got Ryan Deiss in a room and ask him the question (which people here voted for):

“If Ryan Deiss lost his $30,000,000/year business, what would he do to build his next $1,000,000 business?

  • Where would he start?
  • How would he find good business ideas?
  • How would he make money from what he knows?

Ryan had a pretty damn-good system in place where he can tell within about 3 minutes if a business idea (or skill) has a chance to succeed.

He THEN further drills-down (within another 3 minutes) into WHAT the person should sell in their industry:

  • Physical products?
  • Information products?
  • Services?
  • Consulting?

I originally thought he was going to re-hash what is taught in the SumoBusinessBlueprint, but to my surprise it was pretty different (yet equally as easy).

It was really damn cool to watch him tear apart business ideas as I named them …and we thought it’d be really damn cool if he ripped apart YOUR BUSINESS IDEAS!

So if you want Ryan to do his whole process on your business idea or skill, enter your info below.  We’re taking 4 full case studies….and maybe a few extra ones:

Click this link:



Just enter your info here:

Blog posted on: July 18, 2012

9 comments on “Ryan Deiss ripping apart biz ideas

  1. John

    I am sorry Nev but as a longtime reader of your blog, I must tell you that you are slowly turning over to the dark side. You should stick to your $100,000 / year business of House of Rave you have a good thing there and I don’t want you to lose it all in the future.

    I would like you to read these articles for more information of what I am talking about:






    1. Neville Post author

      1.) whatever maing

      2.) This is a product I’M MAKING, and Ryan Deiss will be answering questions I ask him. So whatever past prejudices you have against Deiss are irrelevant.

      1. John

        You missed the point of what I was trying to say, to sum it up, you associating yourself with these kind of people will not get you far. The products that these people are making and that you seem to be starting to make are “frauducts” as the Salty Droid refers to them. Frauducts are products people buy in the hopes of helping themselves but all they are really buying is a dream, 99% of the people will do nothing with the products and just buy into the next big thing.

        As for prejudices, I don’t have none but read some of the things that go on in the industry in the links I originally posted. Heck you know when a big online newspaper like The Verge write an article on these guys SaltyDroid has researched, there is something wrong.

        1. Neville Post author

          Listen dork-ass, I’m producing a product.

          I don’t care if It’s starring the uni-bomber….I’m producing it and calling the shots, so it will be good.

          If you don’t wanna see it, then don’t buy it.

  2. Robinsh

    Hi there, I’hv submitted my idea to help you make money if your business fails anyway.

    Please feel free to mail me if anything to clear about that idea or have to comment over the same.


  3. John

    Real mature Nev.

    I have nothing more to say, in a year or two when everything comes crashing down you will remember these posts.

  4. bob

    class act, this Nev dude…NOT. I will take the best advice I’ve seen out of you yet…YES! I don’t wanna see it, and I’m not gonna buy it. That certainly settles that. You’re right – this shit really works, I feel better already.


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