Savings Restructure

Today I cancelled a $5,000 CD account I started over a year ago. To date, I earned only $39 from interest. The interest varied every month between .5% and .75% annual interest. With rates that low, I feel some of the money would be better off in a different investment vehicle.

For the time being, I put the money in my permanent savings. I will leave half of it there, and start my 2nd brokerage account with the other half. My 2nd brokerage account will be my longterm account. The stocks or funds I buy for this account will be held for 2+ years at least, if not 30+ years.

Current Asset Structure:

General Account – $ 1,259

Business Balance – $ 1,683

Spending Account – $ 243

Investment Account – $ 873

Permanent Savings – $ 8,080

Stock Portfolio Value – $ 5,100

Credit Card Balance – $ 0

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