Bought on September 13th as an experimental trade, SCON turned out to be quite a loser. The original investment was a paultry $387, so I decided to let it stick around to see what happens. The company had a decent product aimed towards the telecommunications market and a lot of good press. The last few weeks the stock slowly started rising, jumped over 30% in one day, and today finally hit my target sell price of $1.40.

Today marked the day when Superconductor Technologies (SCON) finally paid off. I was originally trying to just break even, but it paid off holding it. It at least paid off the loss I made on JBL two days ago.

Jabil Technologies (JBL)

Bought 45 shares at $25.84 one day, sold the next day for $25.35 when the stock started slipping despite a slightly better than expected earnings report. -$22.05

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